the best and the worst

Well there is a ginormous pot of my three bean chili (a family favorite) simmering and assorted finger foods and dips chilling in the fridge. In the laundry sink is champagne, sparkling cider, sodas, beer and wine chilling. Surprisingly, there is no laundry that needs to be done. That can only mean one thing…
party under The Big Top tonight!
Until then, we are all just relaxing and reflecting on our personal best and worst of this past year. As a rule, we don’t make resolutions here.

Daniel: Best- My tubie is all gone
Worst- When the doctor took my tubie out. OUCHIE!!!!!!

Jodie: Best- Going to see High School Musical Live with my friend Taylor
Worst- My Grandpa dying

Abby: Best- Going to New York City. Seeing Reliant K in concert and watching them perform “Sadie’s Hawkins Dance”.
Worst- Hailey coming down to visit for the summer…too much drama.

Zoë: Best- 8th grade graduation
Worst- High School…more drama than 8th grade and it sucks.

Holly: Best- Moving out on my own.
Worst- Moving out on my own.

Bill: Best- Adding Betty to our family.
Worst- My Dad dying

Laura: Best- Getting rid of (FINALLY) Daniel’s gastrostomy tube. Working at the DMC NICU.
Worst- My father-in-law dying from lung cancer. Bill and Holly still smoking. Realizing that working at DHA was a big mistake.

All in all, this was a very good year for everyone under The Big Top. Here’s to 2007 being an adventure with lots of blessings and virtually no bad.

Happy New Year!

a resolution for a girl who doesn’t make them

Well. if I did make resolutions for the New Year, this would be a good one.

In the year 2007 I resolve to:
Take a chainsaw-juggling class.

Get your resolution here.

That is if I did make resolutions.
Are you making a resolution for the new year?
For other’s New Year’s resolutions check out John Scalzi’s Weekend Assignment.

Coming soon: The Best and the Worst under The Big Top for 2006.

last time

Last night for the very last time this year I:

  • got a baby to breathe again
  • hung IV fluids
  • cleaned up baby barf
  • replaced baby’s feeding tube
  • footprinted a baby
  • weighed a baby
  • reassured a nervous mother that when her preemie closes her eyes and turns her head away from mommy it doesn’t mean that the baby doesn’t love her. it means that all the bright lights and sounds and smells is just a little bit too much.
  • I also have to explain to the same mommy (again) that baby closing her eyes and turning her head away from her is a far better way to handle too much stimulation than when the baby stops breathing and drops her heart rate.
  • then I stimulated the baby to breathe again
  • played limbo climbing over and under, around and through to get past a family member holding a tiny baby who is tethered by oxygen tubing, IV tubing and monitoring devices.
  • replaced baby’s feeding tube (again).
  • stimulated the baby to breathe again.
  • Gave IV meds
  • held a baby for an x-ray….it’s a wonder I don’t glow considering how many times I have been exposed to x-rays over the years while holding an unstable patient.
  • Calculated my patients’ total intake down to the last kilocalorie/kilogram and their total output down to the last mililiter/kilogram/hour.

Happy New Year babies and families! I’ll see you next year!

Daniel age 2 months (32 weeks adjusted age) tipping the scaled at 2 pounds!

Coming soon, The Big Top’s best and worst of 2006. As soon as my circus act tells me what their best and worst are.

sensible shoes

When trekking through ice and snow, these are the kind of sensible footwear one must wear. So says J-Lo.

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Me, I would fall flat on my big ol’ butt for sure. I’ll stick to my Uggz thank you very much.