thank you

Thanks to the many GENEROUS donations online and offline, Team Daniel reached our goal and raised $2,500!
It was a great day to walk. I was so thrilled to have 19 people proudly wearing TeamDaniel shirts and walking, bicycling, riding with us this morning. It felt good to see so many turn out to support this effort and walk along side of us.
Having a baby no bigger than your own hand is scary. Raising a child who started out that small can be pretty scary/stressful/frustrating/painful/depressing sometimes. Thinking about what the future might hold for a child who started out that small is scary/stressful/frustrating/painful/depressing sometimes. But today was a day to celebrate with others. Our babies are truly miracles. Maybe they aren’t all that miraculous in another’s eyes but to us every little, normal thing they do is nothing short of a miracle. Today we celebrate that and the nurses, doctors, therapists, teachers, family and friends who got us to this day.
Thank you everyone who was able to sponsor us. If you had wanted to sponsor us but forgot, it’s not too late.
In the meantime, here is a slideshow of the highlights of our morning. It makes you feel like you were there, doesn’t it?

Daniel thanks you.

ready to hit it out of the park

Daniel is thisclose to reaching his fundraising goal for TeamDaniel.
It’s clear that he has potential. When he someday shatters the Major League Baseball homerun record y’all can say that you knew him when. With a windup that reminds me of
the late Willie Stargell I would say he has some potential. Yes it is a long shot that he would be the next homerun king. The Yankees might not be an option if he won’t cut that hair. And he has injested a few drugs that might be considered to be performance enhancing. At least he came by them honestly compared to some athletes. I’ll keep that bit of info quiet if you will. For now Slugger is trying to figure out if he should bat left or right. He has plenty of time to get ready for the ’08 t-ball season.
Coach Daddy is more than happy to help out.