just another birthday at the happiest place on Earth

Day two blogging from Disney, did you honestly expect a profund, heartfelt, witty entry from me today…as if that regularly happens here anyway!
Yes, the fun, fun, fun continues today.
I will share with you a little secret. Before this Disney adventure and our Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk weekend last month, the last time our family circus went on a real vacation that didn’t involve visiting family for the holidays or family reunions was in 1992! Yup, back when ZoĆ« was just a baby! Sad, I know. But birthin’ babies, paying bills, adoption, chronic preemie health issues and surgeries, buying our first home and other things always seemed to get in our way. But here we are and that is what is most important. The goal is to not let fourteen more years pass before the next great Big Top vacation.

It was indeed another very full day with lots of memories made for us all.

Oh yeah, it was Bill’s 44th birthday too. Yes, he did wear that pin all day and yes every cast member who saw him went out of their way to wish him a “Happy Birthday”. He acts like it wasn’t that big of a deal but I know he enjoyed the attention.
After a desperately overpriced buffet dinner at Goofy’s Kitchen (eat up kids!) we enjoyed a little bit of birthday cakey goodness.

Look! Daniel saved y’all a cupcake!
But now it is time for firewalks.
Until tomorrow…