coming out of the dark

I’m still here. Just barely.
I am definitely not juggling as I have been sidelined for the past couple days with a migraine. It’s been a while since I was this debilitated by a migraine. Thankfully, this circus act of mine managed just fine on their own without me. They even took good care of me while I tried to remain as still as possible to block out the light, the sound and any other sensation around me. Like I said, it has been awhile since I have had a headache this bad.
I will be back soon. Just give me a little time to rest and regain my balance and strength and some time to thank my circus for taking care of me and my juggling act.

oh the sacrifices I make!

From the news desk:

Hot weather in California’s interior was expected to push the state’s electricity grid to the limit on Wednesday, but no rolling blackouts were expected.The Folsom-based California Independent System Operator scheduled a State 1 power alert beginning at 2 p.m., which calls upon residents to voluntarily conserve energy whenever possible.

Because I am a giver and always willing to sacrifice for others, I will do my part. The laundry will just HAVE to wait. Of course my latest obsession, Facebook, has nothing to do with my generosity.

my park is so awesome

How awesome is it you are probably asking right now?
Go ahead, ask how awesome is it?
It is so awesome that even wild horses hang out here.

That’s right, deep in the heart of the suburban jungle, these horses were playing in the park near my home. I just happened to spot them…actually I nearly ran them down as they ran right past my car. They ran around a bit and then took off just as the police arrived. I don’t know where they came from but it was a nice little diversion on a hot August morning.

that loud repetitive banging you hear is my head against the wall

Darling daughter who is currently grounded until August 31 from computer, cell phone and social activities: Mom, today is Megan’s birthday and I was wondering if I can go with her to Boomers to celebrate. We haven’t seen each other all summer and I really want to spend the day with her.

Another darling daughter joins in: Don’t you have lunch period with her and didn’t you hang out with her everyday at lunch?

Darling daughter who is currently grounded…: Well, yeah but it is her birthday and I really need to celebrate with her.

Me: ::::walking away and muttering to myself about whether or not I am actually ever heard::::

Darling daughter who is currently grounded…: So can I go? Mom? Mom?