Fall rites

It’s that time of year again…school pictures are here! It’s all I can do to not tear up over how much they all have changed and grown this past year.

Here Zoë’s junior year portrait. She is truly lovely in her “Where’s Waldo”-type ensemble. Poor Zoë recently got a small taste of what it must feel like to feel old when a young freshman innocently asked who is “Where’s Waldo”. Nevertheless, Zoë’s future is as bright as her eyes and smile in this picture.

Abigael is simply beautiful in her sophomore year portrait but give her a minute, or maybe an hour or two and she will point out every single flaw in this picture which is why we should all hate it. I think that her disatisfaction in this picture is a given for her age and gender. Just ignore her and agree with me that she is simply beautiful.

Jodie’s 7th grade portrait reminds me, once again, that my baby girl is growing up! I imagine that thie is just the beginning of reminders like this.

Daniel’s 1st grade portrait captures all the pride and confidence that this little boy has. He may not completely appreciate all that he has overcome and just how amazing he is but he knows that he is ready for the challenge that is first grade and learning how to write that ridiculously long last name of his.

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