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With five kids, one with special needs, a handsome son-in-law, a perfect grandchild (seriously, aren't ALL grandchildren perfect??), a even handsomer husband, my career as a NICU RN....what else would I be doing but juggling?

you should try it in heels

Rent aficionados will recognize the title as a line from Tango: Maureen.

Love that song!

But not as much as I love I’ll Cover You, Reprise, Angel’s Funeral. Someone promise me that Jesse L. Martin will come and sing this at my memorial. Please. Bring the rest of the cast too, please.

Sorry off topic – a little.

My sister’s wedding day is almost here!

Meanwhile, first world problems and all, I have a problem.

I have never really mastered walking in heels…gracefully. Pretty much not ever. Oh, and I haven’t really worn or walked in heels since I broke my foot two years ago. Sure I could wear flats. No big deal. But…cute dress…need cute shoes.


First world problems here.

As superfluous as this might seem to most people, it is a big deal to me. Such a big deal that I actually Googled ‘how to walk in high heels” and yes, I am practicing.

Practicing a lot.

A helluva a lot.

Zelda, however, is not impressed.

Time to practice some more.

focus on the kind because sometimes you just have to

You know those days where you just want to punch it in the face?

Yes, those days!

Well on those days I like to focus on the kind and the good rather than the exhausting suckage. So today, right now, I will focus on this right here.

Last week, Zoë’s beach cruiser that she has had for more than five years was stolen. For Zoë this sucked. This sucked a lot because the last couple years she has been trying hard to be an adult even when it was hard to be an adult. The easy way would have been to ask mommy and daddy to help her out but she hasn’t. I know it has been hard, very hard for her but I am proud of her for being the grownup especially when it has been hard.

Come back to the Valley, her family and friends told her. You can start over, they told her. So she did and she has…as hard as it has been…but at least she has people here. It’s so much better to adult when you have people because adult is a lot harder than kids can imagine.

But having her bike stolen was a tipping point. It is currently her only form of transportation to work and, in the Fall, school. In her words, it like her independence had been taken away. But with the determination of her enterprising big sister so as to restore Zoë’s faith in human kindness, a few generous, kind people – family, friends, strangers – did just that raising more than enough funds to replace her red beach cruiser with something shiny and pink to get around the 209!

yay new bicycle! 💕
Thank you all so much. I was so incredibly upset when my bike was stolen, but you guys restored my faith in humanity. There are some really shitty people out there, but there are so many more kind and generous people. I love you all!

Hurray for kindness winning!

more parenting in a land of monsters

It’s hard to believe that just six days ago this was shared on my Facebook timeline

Shared by family and friends living in the Santa Cruz-Monterey Bay area and soon posted by people literally everywhere and by news and media all over California as well as local and state police agencies. As it became viral, the search for this little girl who disappeared while playing in and around her apartment complex intensified. Even the FBI became involved in the investigation of 8 year old Madyson’s disappearance.

And I then recalled the little girl in my neck of the woods who vanished while skipping along the street where she lived.

Then literally 24 hours later, the most tragic of outcomes was realized.

The worst possible monstrous outcome.

Which led me to think back – way back – to another 8 year old and 15 year old sadistic monster. A young monster who beat, tortured, stabbed and eventually murdered little, pajama-clad Melvin Ancheta, ignoring the little boy’s pleas for his life offering all that he had – sixty cents. Twenty two years ago, people in Northern California were shocked over such violent cruelty as we held our own children closer to us. It was this case in particular that led to the tougher laws that will allow for Madyson’s killer to be tried as an adult. 

None of this will bring back little Madyson, nor help us understand just as we can never really understand anytime a murderous, senseless tragedy happens no matter how close to us or that we are removed from. Still, one can hope for, at the very least for justice for another child taken so violently while at play as happy, innocent children do. As a community mourns and parents hug their children even more, all we can hope for from this is justice for Madyson.

Botox and fillers and bangs…oh my!

Here is where I confess that I am mildly amused when I see younger women whose faces are paralyzed. I swear I’m not judging. I regularly have Hollie color and hide the suddenly large patch of gray on the top of my head because I’m absolutely not ready for that bullshit. Honestly I’m still believing that redheads don’t turn gray as they age but rather fade to a rosy gold, then to a glorious white. So yeah, Hollie colors my hair making me ginger-er and I certainly have no place to judge women younger than me whose faces don’t move.

But every once in a while I see a lovely woman, my age, older, younger, whatever whose beautiful face is frozen and filled in such a way that I have to stop myself from crying out…


Perhaps that’s I why I believe (for now) that Botox is not for me. Plus the fact those vertical lines above my nose, permanently etched because of literally decades of squinting because I haz special eyes would need to be filled rather than Botoxed. Oh, and needles and my face? Um, no. My luck my sensitive skin would react in such a way that I could not literally show my face for days; or worse, I would look like I suffered a stroke.

Because it is me, that would totally happen.

Still, vanity sometimes gets the best of me like when I think about the fact that as my lovely sister gets married next Saturday, I will be 20-25 years older than the rest of the wedding party.


Of course no one cares, or at least they shouldn’t because it quite literally is all about the beautiful bride, my sister, and her handsome, adoring groom.

OMG! I can’t wait!!!

Perhaps I should thank the lady I saw in Starbucks today whose lovely face was frozen and filled in such a way that it was truly frightening. She saved my face…today.

For me, bangs are my Botox.

the lives that matter

It seems that lately we need to be reminded what lives matter because, it seems that some lives matter more than others. At least that’s the way that it seems in the news and all over social media.

  • Some conservatives are outraged and demanding the shut down of Planned Parenthood because #unbornlivesmatter and #ppsellsbabyparts – factually wrong.
  • Some liberals are incensed because #blacklivesmatter  yes, get it…preaching to the choir.
  • The privileged are aggrieved because #alllivesmatter – um, clueless? Yes, clueless.
  • Others are fired up because #crueltyfree#righttobeararms#banalltheguns…and on and on and on
  • and then #CeciltheLion

Here’s the thing, the way that I see it – one can be outraged by all the atrocities we perceive happening right now in and around our globe – and yet be moved by the senseless killing of a beautiful animal.

It is one thing to kill an animal in order to eat and sustain one’s life. It’s another to kill an animal simply because they are MAJESTIC. To think to one’s self that this thing, this animal, this work of art is so majestic that I need to kill/destroy it so that it can no longer thrive in its own life, have offspring, nurture its existing dependents – and to PREVENT ANYONE ELSE from experiencing/appreciating its beauty.

Oh my god! This is not just the epitome of hubris – it’s intentionally, actively, and at great expense, taking away something from the rest of us. It’s deciding that your momentary pleasure in destroying something beautiful is more important than everyone else’s joy/pleasure at seeing that individual, majestic animal alive.

I personally believe that people who kill random wildlife for shits and giggles and grins are asshats. Sorry, not sorry. I grew up with y’all and I believed then as I do now that yes, y’all are asshats – but that’s in a different league than a “sportsman” paying top dollar to kill a rare, endangered animal.

In the grand scheme of things, Cecil does not matter to human lives lost to the worst of human atrocities, war and violence – insert appropriate hashtag here. However the thought  of someone killing an animal they have no intention of eating – PAYING to kill an animal they have no intention of using to provide for their own sustainability galls me.

So yes – other societal issues take priority for me – and yet, I can still be maddened by what happened to this beautiful creature, to Cecil the Lion.

~ photo credit – Diane Davis Maas