Everyone in the world should get a standing ovation at least once in their life because we all overcometh the world. ~ August Pullman’s Precept, Wonder, RJ Palacio

The very best thing about today’s 7th & 8th grade awards assembly?

Hearing students and teachers loudly whooping and hollering and applauding for your son when his name is called.

The second-best thing?

At the end of the assembly when several students come up to you to say, “Hi Daniel’s mom!” One even took the time to introduce himself and shake my hand.

The third best thing?

My kid was the only one who made a point to step away after receiving his awards to come hug his mom. Parents around me were hella jealous because what 7th or 8th grader does that?…in public?

I might have gotten a little teary at today’s awards assembly. Perhaps I shouldn’t have been listening to Adele’s new album, 25, on my way to the school.


and yes, Karen, this was a good week!

the last week

It’s going to be a short week. It’s going to be a busy week. It’s going to be a hectic week. It’s going to be an emotional week…so many feels…there’s no getting around that. It’s going to be a happy week. It’s going to be a week of graduations, celebrations and lots of pride…so much pride.

Let’s start it off right with this.

I can’t imagine never not being amazed with this kid of mine. I imagine that he will soon grow tired of my amazement because he is almost a teenager as he likes to remind me pretty much every day. That’s okay. He can do that. I, in turn, will always marvel over the miracle that he is because, trust me, sitting by his bed every single day of those 132 days in the NICU watching over him the last thing his father and I could imagine was moments like this. Living through all those days filled with so much pain, anxiety and hope we kind of earned the right as NICU parents, because although we left the NICU with our baby boy 12 years ago, the NICU never leaves us. So yeah, we’re just a little bit emotional and over-the-top proud of this amazing, miraculous child of ours.

He’s proud too.

He should be. He worked very hard all year long for this.

Of course his teachers, aides and even the principal are proud of him. I like that you could see that pride reflected in the faces of his teacher and his principal as he accepted his awards today. I know that his principal gets just how remarkable all of this is for Daniel and for us. Having sat with her many times in a NICU years ago caring for her baby and supporting her I know that she knows.

And now there is literally only three more days of school.


videotaping and photography is strictly prohibited

At most dance competitions this is the norm and, unlike SOME parents, I respect the rule. It really is for the privacy and protection of our children. Thankfully professional videos and photographs are available at the venues for us to purchase. Sometimes they are even kind of affordable like at this weekend’s competition.


Yeah, I paid for this picture.

How could I not?

JoAnn summed it up perfectly saying you can tell that all her hard work has paid off with this picture right here. Thankfully, that shot (and the fact that I paid for it) was the only fail of the weekend.

There was nothing but platinums at the end of this Rainbow Dance Competition for my favorite Dance Star.


kids ignore this; mommy has to share

…that I am this week’s featured Mominatrix!

Considering that the Mominatrix herself, my fellow tutu wearing Tiarathoner, Kristen, has included me in a group of some of the hottest moms on the Internet” in her weekly feature over at Imperfect Parent, my kids are just going to have to get over any bit of embarrassment. Sorry kids, but you can not argue with the Mominatrix. She knows all things when it comes to hot moms, even hot moms as old as your mom. Besides kids, were it not for your mom being viewed as hot, well, you might not be here.

Ask your dad.

It could be worse. I could drive around town and then show up to pick you up at school wearing my wrinkly, ratty flannel jammies with my bare face and bed-head. Of course I would call out loudly for you and wave frantically so all could see that yes, I am your mom. Now that would definitely kill you.

So have you checked out the Mominatrix’s Guide to Sex yet?

OMG, why not?

but I am THAT mom

No, I am not that mom who will put up with her children screaming or running amuck in public places where good behavior is expected…anymore! But I am the mom who will gladly, proudly celebrate that which makes me an awesome, phenomenal woman and joining Lotus of Sarcastic Mom and other equally phenomenal, awesome women and mothers in the Bewbfest ’09.  It was all good, clean fun as we celebrated all the glorious shapes and sizes that we are. It was all the more fun because I am the second runner-up in this year’s Bewbfest. I have to thank everyone who voted for me…repeatedly including my darling hubs (nice to know he still appreciates the girls) and my older kids. It’s nice to know that the average sized, over forty, mother of five, grandmother of one rack can stack up to the 20 and 30-something mom bloggers out there. Thank you!

Of course right about now I am imagining my mother and her fellow “bra burners”  are cringing over what might appear to be blatant objectifying of my physical self. Perhaps it is a little objectifying but I see it more as celebrating and reclaiming a little bit of our physical selves. It seems that much is measured  in our physical selves as women, particularly our breasts: what is considered to be the ideal size and shape, our sexuality, our ability and decision to nourish the children we give birth to and how well we “hold up” as we age. No wonder so many of us complain about and dislike our own bodies, including our breasts. To me, The Bewbfest and The Boob Emancipation do a little celebrating and reclaiming the right to celebrate part of our own physical womanliness. There’s nothing dirty or tasteless in that. It’s just boobs, our boobs and we are pretty damn proud of them. I don’t see that as setting us back but rather liberating us even further. Being the mother of four daughters and grandmother of the most amazing grand daughter it is a big deal that I model confidence and a little self-love in the body that God has given me for my girls.

I have to say that I owe my size and shape not only partly to great genes (thanks Mom and Dad), a pretty great bra but also to my joining that cult that is the Shredheads. Remember when I posted my pre-shredding picture at over 180 lbs? Yeah, I’d like to forget it too. But I’m glad I did post it and share the beginning of my shredding experience. I am even more grateful for the accountability, support and beginning friendships that the Shredheads has offered. Most of us have moved past Jillian’s 30 Day Shred and Bob’s Yoga finding running, weights and other forms of exercise equally challenging in our quest for fitness. The results among my fellow Shredheads has been amazing and inspiring.  For mepersonally I have seen a significant amount of weight and inches lost and currently I am just 10 lbs shy of my personal goal. I’m not going to make the mid-July, family vacation date I set for myself to achieve that goal but I have to say that I am going to be very close. I couldn’t be prouder of that achievement too. Even better, the added bonus of all of this shredding and now jogging/walking/weights/yoga is my darling hubs is now heading to the gym working with a trainer and it is beginning to show.

Looking good in jeans,that little black dress, a swimsuit, and when I am brave enough, a bikini is pretty cool. Looking great for a forty-seven year old woiman and being told so, especially by my husband and kids is wonderful. Feeling good physically and mentally, feeling strong and feeling incredibly energetic so that I can do the juggling that I do is the best of all. Yes, I am THAT kind of mom. I am doing this for me, my hubs, my kids and my grandkid. I can’t think of a better reason.