love and loved in return

Happy birthday favorite son, the fourteenth edition!

Another year to celebrate. Another year to reflect on the miracle that he is and not just because he started life so precariously. The miracle is every day he manages to touch so many with kindness, respect and love in a way that is truly an art…an art lost to so many of us…an art he teaches all who are lucky enough to know him…The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return – eden ahbez

Sad over the news of the passing of “the Father of all of us freaks”, but so thankful for his cover of eden ahbez’s Nature Boy…and for all the rest of the magical stardust that he shared with us all.



as always, sticking together

Almost fourteen years ago, I managed to capture an amazing shot of the men in my life and what proved to be one of my most favorite photos of them.

A photo of the hand of our son, Daniel Quinn, scarcely 30 weeks adjusted age and just 2 pounds and the newest member of the Kilo Club, as he tried to grasp the index finger of his father’s hand.

One year later, as we celebrated Daniel’s first birthday and the finalization of our adoption, it served to remind us just how small he really was and how far he had come then.

A year after that, it would receive a special photo journalism award in a local photography show as it astounded the judges with one who truly was Fearfully and Wonderfully Made…it also irritated a local photo journalist that an amateur photographer would receive such an award…over her entry.

Today that photo is properly framed and hanging amongst so many other treasured photographs of our circus act here under The Big Top.

But today, inspired by the works of Red Methot’s Les Prèmas, I tortured my men with a photo shoot…as a mamarazzi will do.

Fourteen years later we prepare to celebrate tomorrow, as we do every year, because every birthday of a 1 pound baby boy born 4 months too soon is something one must always celebrate. We celebrate our preemie, Notre Préma, as parents should. Tomorrow this most extraordinary and most favorite son shall be FOURTEEN YEARS OLD which absolutely deserves all the shouty caps and everything else that we could possibly offer him. Oh, and I should add that we couldn’t possibly be more proud and happy that we get to call him our most favorite son…as we do every day. On the cusp of completing his fourteenth year, he is suddenly aware of the fact that he is our only son…but yes, absolutely, our most favorite son…something that we all celebrate here under The Big Top.

And it is still true, no matter how old you are, when you go out into the world it is best to hold hands and stick together.

Robert Fulghum

no longer true

Overheard under The Big Top:

Daniel are you a Belieber?


What Do You Mean?

I’m not!

That makes No Sense. I mean Where Are U Now?

You know, it’s not too late to say SorryNo Pressure…just Love Yourself.


I’m not a Belieber. Why You Mad?


No longer a true Belieber but OMG, he is going to be FOURTEEN in TWO DAYS!!!

I’m happy with the man I’m becoming.

Justin Bieber


where I am the mother of a grownup

The reality of time marching relentlessly forward greets me every day I spend any time with my four adult aged daughters. Then there is the added nudge when one of them or another one or even all of them have to deal with adult things because adulating can b so hard.

Sidebar: when their Daddy and I were just starting the adventure in parenting, my darling husband was not sure that “parent” was a legit verb and he blamed the ridiculousness of it all on all the yuppies.

Meanwhile, Hollie and Ben are busy being adults and parents every day doing all the pretty hard things that is being adults and parents because parenting and adulting can be so hard sometimes…most of the times.

Then there are the times when you are doing things like buying furniture…REAL FURNITURE!!! No, not disposable furniture. You know, the kind that YOU put together with the provided Allen Key…coupled with cheap beer and definitely some cursing.

Hollie and Ben did just that recently, purchasing a new living room set to replace the garage sale set that replaced the hand-me-downs from the parents. Naturally they were excited because they bought furniture that they didn’t have to put together with an Allen Key or that they picked up from a neighborhood yard sale.

It’s like we’re really adults, Mom! We’re adulting!

No, this is grown-upping. Adulting is doing the things that suck but you have to do because you are an adult and that is what adults do…like pay your student loans or get up at 3 AM to deal with a barfy kid. Grown-upping is when you do cool things like make a big purchase and buy for yourself some nice furniture…that you don’t have to put together with an Allen Key…or cover with an afghan to hide the rips and tears and worn spots. 

Yesterday, my darling, first-born daughter turned 29 years old. TWENTY NINE!

She makes 29 look pretty amazing and awesome.

It’s because she does all kinds of grown-up kinds of things.

And me, I’m the mother of a grown up…an amazing, beautiful grown up.

That is kind of cool.