the one that matters the most

Apparently today is a great day to be born because there are literally over 19 million birthdays today.

This gift bag tells me so.

Facebook kind of backs this truth up reminding me to wish six people a “Happy Birthday” today.

I guess today is a good day to be born.

Truth be told, only one of those 19 million people celebrating a birthday today matters to me more than any other. Today is our third child’s birthday…the one everyone forgets…today Abigael Rose is 22!

And yeah, everything will be alright.


messy circus chaos

As my family circus has grown I forget sometimes just how loud and messy and chaotic we can be.

And then I remember.

I tipped our server well because we are sometimes a loud, messy chaos.

But we are fun because of the chaos. At least we think so.

Celebrating tonight, minus one circus clown, the eve of another birthday.


this moment

This moment.

So many feels right now as I capture this moment. I’m not the only one either.

This moment we can’t help but be even more thankful for. This moment we wish that we could have shared with more…side eye at some who might not have bothered to check and perhaps respond to text messages. This moment that just five months ago might not have been possible. This moment that will not be a possibility for a dear, old friend whom we have known for as long as we all have been much too young people having babies. This moment we shake our head in shock that someone we share so much history with is gone. This moment we wonder why his family and why not ours. This moment we cry and share our love because life is just too tenuous. This moment we pray for our dear friend, his amazing wife and his wonderful children.

This moment. This moment we give thanks. This moment we celebrate.