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Are you still watching that show?

Oh honestly!

Drama and bat shit crazy like that really doesn’t happen in your average studio. At least most of the time. The week before the first competition of the season…well, let’s just attribute it all to nerves and stress and exhaustion and just trying to get a handle on things.

I hear the instructors and the dancers might be going a little bit crazy too.

Shoes?! Who really gets all psycho bitch crazy over little black tap shoes? Oh wait, I was the one who got a little stressed and maybe crazy over combat boots last year. What can I say, a dance mom can quite possibly become a little bit of a psychopath right before the start of the season. Don’t judge too harshly. Cheer moms, soccer moms, football moms, volleyball moms, baseball moms, hockey moms, ____ moms do it too. The dads can be way worse. You know it’s true.

My mantra this year will be “this is my last year…my last year…no more drama…it’s my last year“. I shall be repeating it over and over and over again.

I actually started yesterday because there were a few costumes that required minor alterations; which, when I am doing them, means MAJOR alterations. It’s a very good thing that I didn’t give up wine or cursing for Lent…a very good thing.

…this is my last year…my last year…no more drama…it’s my last year…

It’s a been a long week, a stressful week, a week with a little bit of heartbreak and disappointment here under the Big Top and although it is my birthday this weekend, I am so ready to spend it sitting all day and night in a dark auditorium as I watch Jodie do what she does best up on that stage. I know that Jodie is too. In between her dances, I’ll be sure to entertain myself with other dance parent craziness because how can I not.

Please forgive the duck-faced selfie because I know that is just ridiculous. It was a photo challenge put out there by the lovely Girl of Cardigan. Dear Karyn is truly lovely and I have known her since she was a little girl. Oh the stories I could tell! Because of all these things and more I accepted her photo challenge, duck face and all.


Oh to be happy, free and lonely at the same time; because it’s miserable and magical especially when you can forget about the deadlines.

A Taylor Swift fan she is absolutely not; but my darling daughter, Zoë Elizabeth, is most definitely feeling 22 today because today that is exactly what she is…she’s 22.

Happy birthday my darling girl!

adolescence eve

Today, my beautiful boy, you are TWELVE YEARS OLD!!! Of course, being the pre-pubescent child that you are, you are absolutely mortified that I am shouty as I pronounce again, “OH MY GLOB!! YOU ARE TWELVE YEARS OLD!!!” Still you have become accustomed to your mom becoming emotional and teary and nothing but feelings every January 11. You are coming into an age where you are beginning to realize and appreciate just how remarkable each and every birthday of yours is.

That day, twelve years ago, when I met you for the very first time, I was changed forever, for good. I couldn’t possibly imagine what was in store for us all that day I regarded you, your tiny frame that fit perfectly into my hand from head to rump. As a NICU nurse, the NICU nurse who admitted you that early morning I could easily imagine the possible outcome that would be your future as a barely viable micropreemie. Still I could not imagine you breaking down, going over and under and around and through each and every obstacle and barrier laid out before you, a child born four months too soon who scarcely weighed one pound, without me…and your daddy and your sisters…right there by your side.

Still you are twelve today. You are a pre-teen. You are annoyed with your mom’s emotions today. You are an absolutely, completely normal twelve year old boy.

I’m sorry, son. Yes, I’m getting teary all over again.

Deal with it!

Happy, happy birthday my darling, miraculous, most-amazing boy!

Monster Jam® birthday style

For those who might not know, Daniel, the boy who is turning 12 next week, LOVES cars, trucks, motorcycles, vans…pretty much if it has a motor and wheels and goes he LOVES it. The shelves in his room lined with too many to count (unless you are Daniel) Hot Wheels cars is pretty much testament to that fact. Ask him to tell you about some of the cars on display in his room…go ahead…he will, in great detail. You might want to get comfortable. Given these facts it should go without saying that Daniel going to Monster Jam would be the absolute perfect way to celebrate his 12th birthday.

Well, as luck would have it…



Tickets Now On Sale for THREE SHOWS at the
Sleep Train Arena from January 17-19, 2014
Including TWO PARTY IN THE PITS Pre-Show Events

Yes, of course, we are going! Yes, of course, my son is absolutely beyond excited. So is my darling husband.

Because, oh my glob, BATMAN!

For three shows only, motor sports fans will witness EIGHT of the world’s best monster trucks battle it out in the ultimate event of intense speed, racing and destruction as the Monster Jam comes to Sacramento. This year’s truck lineup is showcased with appearances by World Champion powerhouses Grave Digger and Batman (featuring the return of veteran driver John Seasock who has won back to back World Racing Championship honors in this truck); other fan-favorites appearing include Bounty Hunter, Iron Outlaw, Destroyer, Playin’ for Keeps plus Captain USA and Double Trouble that will be electrfying crowds at Sleep Train Arena with the breath-taking stunts and awesome power of the world’s most popular monster trucks.

As an added bonus, in addition to the world-class racing and freestyle competition action, die-hard fans can come to the arena early on both Saturday and Sunday to enjoy “Party in the Pits” pre-show experience – which gives fans unparalleled access to view their favorite trucks up-close, meet the star drivers for autographs and take photos!

One of the most popular touring family sporting events in the world, the Monster Jam is a high-flying, car-crushing explosive event of demolition, speed and powerful stunts surrounding the world’s best monster trucks and drivers whose skills provide an awesome spectacle of “rock-and-roar” that will bring fans to their feet cheering for more!

Absolutely perfect way to celebrate a boy turning twelve…right?!


And you are invited to come too!

WHERE: Sleep Train Arena One Sports Parkway, Sacramento, CA 95834

WHEN: Friday, January 17th,  Show Time – 7:30 PM
Saturday, January 18th, Pit party – open 5:00 PM-6:30 PM
                                                    Show Time – 7:30 PM
Sunday January 19th, Pit Party – open 11:30 AM-1:00 PM
                                                   Show Time – 2:00 PM

Day-Of Event ticket and Pit Pass required for entry each day.
(Pit Pass purchase price $5 for kids, $10 for Adults)

TICKETS: Ticket prices start as low as $20 Adults, ticket prices range from $20 – $50
                  Kids tickets (ages 2-12)) are only $5 each for select seating (limit 4 kids per
                  adult  ticket purchase)
                  Pit passes will be available to purchase for $10 Adults/ $5 kids (ages 2-12)

Tickets and Pit Passes available for purchase online at Ticketmaster, all Ticketmaster retail outlets, charge by phone at 800-745-3000 or at the Sleep Train Arena Box Office.

Above ticket prices are advance purchase only; all tickets are $2 more day of show. Marketing pricing applies to all tickets; rates may fluctuate based on supply and demand. Tickets subject to convenience, service and handling fees.

I am a Feld Family Ambassador, and in exchange for my time and efforts in attending shows and reporting my opinion within this blog, as well as keeping you advised of the latest discount offers, Feld Entertainment has provided me with complimentary tickets to Feld shows.

not creepy

It just might be a little bit creepy in the “Love You Forever” creepy mom fashion that I watched him sleep for what seemed to be an awkwardly long period of time.


Then again, maybe it wasn’t creepy at all.

My beautiful boy is turning 12 years old next Saturday. I drove from Manteca to Los Gatos then to San Ramon to say goodbye and lay to rest my aunt then spent the day and evening hugging my uncle, cousins, my other aunt and catching up with old acquaintances and extended family while we remembered a very dear woman who loved all with her whole heart and soul and strength. I’m very tired and yeah, I’m a whole lot of feelings right now.

No, staring at this beautiful child while he sleeps isn’t creepy at all. It’s exactly what I need.