perhaps too much

A lot going on here under the Big Top this last week. Perhaps too much. Perhaps too much to say. Perhaps too much to sit down and write about. Perhaps too much to even stop to take the time to write about. Perhaps too much even that anyone would care about.

There was portraits to be taken of beautiful blonde people related to me and not related to me which only make me wish that I looked good in pictures because I don’t.

Oh, and someone is turning fifty and this of course must be celebrated.

A concert in a winery grove with your hipster children rocking out to a Styx tribute band is a great way to start celebrating don’t you think? Maybe we can catch a Ports baseball game too because, hey, I won tickets at a fundraiser supporting my dancer and her team as they get ready to head to Nationals.

Still there is much laundry to do and packing as some members of this Big Top prepare to take off soon to the shores of the Atlantic and the Pacific. Perhaps we should try to capture sunsets at the beach pictures from both coasts because that would make a cool Instagram shot. If I can only get this packing done.

No, I’m not going to BlogHer13. Yes, I won a conference pass and yet I’m not packing a dozen pairs of shoes and stressing about how I’m going to fit everything that the conference has to offer in one three day weekend…much less how I’m going to fit a dozen or more pairs of shoes into my suitcase.

No, it has nothing to do with the fact that I am only wearing one shoe right now and a very sexy boot cast. At least my dilemma of what shoes to pack for the next week not going to BlogHer is solved. Navigating through airports with a daughter and grand daughter in tow heading to Dance Nationals week is going to be fun…said no woman wearing a boot cast because of a calcaneal stress fracture ever. But you do what you must do for your children…and grandchildren…including giving up what would be a great time reconnecting with some very dear friends, becoming inspired and learning more whilst sweating in the heat and humidity of Chicago in July…as well as giving up being in town to celebrate your darling husband’s 50th birthday on his actual birthday.

But I do get to wear this sexy-assed boot.

Bitches seriously be jealous of me with my fly, sexy boot.

packing up and sending off one of my babies

Well I did it!

With a big gulp and a little tear, I bravely packed up and sent off one of my babies. It was hard, so very hard. Letting go a part of you from a special place in your heart is so very hard! Other people will see her, hear her, perhaps judge her…not too harshly please.

This morning I submitted one of my blog posts to audition for Listen To Your Mother Sacramento.

Oh the stress and agony of it all! To choose just one and then sharing it. I know I lay it all out bare naked here but this was hard to do. Still I knew I must be brave and just do it. After seeing and falling in love with the LTYM Open Mic Salon at BlogHer11 in San Diego, I knew that some day I wanted to audition for this production.  Directed and produced by stay-at-home humorist Ann Imig, LTYM is a “national series of live readings by local writers giving Mother’s Day a microphone.” With this circus act of mine I have so many stories to share…too many stories to share…like any other mother or grandmother or daughter or son out there. And so, with a little…okay, a lot of encouragement I chose a story to share.

Do you have a story to share? I bet you do. “Remember, regular everyday people with a story to tell make up the heart of LTYM. You don’t need to call yourself a writer. You don’t need any performing experience. You just need to share the story in your heart or on your mind.” Submissions for LTYM Sacramento are being accepted now until February 13. If you are a Sacramento or Central Valley area blogger, writer, mother, grandmother, daughter or son with a story to tell please consider sharing it and submitting it to LTYM Sacramento.



where’s Laura at BlogHer12?

Sadly, not there.

I know.

It’s disappointing.

BlogHer is back in New York City again this year and I have no doubt whatsoever that it will not disappoint:
with keynote addresses featuring Martha Stewart, Katie Couric, Soledad O’Brien, Christy Turlington-Burns, Malaak Compton-Rock, amazing breakout sessions of all kinds covering writing, photography, politics, activism, tech stuff, social media, family, health and, ahem, erotica…and that is just barely scratching the surface on what will be talked about, another chance to run through Central Park in the BlogHer 5K, renewing friendships and making new ones, plus how could I forget the parties.

Yes, I do wish that I was there again this year. But life and family gets in the way comes first…definitely comes first…absolutely. No I won’t be back in NYC, I will be cleverly disguised as a dance mom accompanying my daughter, Jodie, at the last dance convention/competition of this season. We will be at Nationals in Lake Tahoe. I’m going to miss the action of BlogHer but I will be fine I am sure. I get to see my girl dance her heart out some more and quite possibly to bring home even more awards as well enjoy some time just taking in some pretty breath taking views that is Lake Tahoe, while she attends all kinds of dance workshops. And while she is busy dancing her heart out, I can still keep up with the action at BlogHer thanks to Laurie hosting this year’s BlogHer@Home.

I know, but I won’t technically be at home…but I won’t be there…at BlogHer. Thank goodness Laurie and others will be keeping us up to date with all that will be happening as well as hooking us up with some giveaways. There will be several giveaways they will host between now and the end of the conference on Saturday, August 4, with some great contributions from conference sponsors, as well as one really nice prize from BlogHer at the end. The first is a giveaway of one of BlogHer’s official swag bags. Trust me, these are bags to be had and yes, I want one.

Oh yes, I am down with BlogHer@Home. If you will be there, I will miss you lots. But if like me you can’t be there in NYC, I hope that you join the fun with BlogHer@Home.

Disclosure: not only is this blog post announcing that I won’t be at BlogHer12 but it also serves as my sweepstakes entry for the swag bag giveaway. It’s not too late for you to join in too.

that’s what friends are for

You gotta love social media. Yes, I know some days you can’t help but hate it…the drama, the “vague-booking”, the time suck. But some days you just have to love social media. The last couple of days I have loved it.

My friend, Tracey, was running her very first marathon back home in Pittsburgh. She trained well for it and, thanks to Facebook, I was able to follow her in her training all along the way. I was so excited for her…her very first marathon!!! I was also a little nervous for her too…a worrisome foot injury late in her training schedule and the typical race-eve freak out…I couldn’t help but be worried a little…it’s what I do. More than anything, I wanted to be there…to cheer for her at the start, along the route and at the finish…because I know how much fun it can be…but more importantly, because Tracey is my friend and I wanted to be there just as I have felt like I have been throughout her training that she has shared. I set my alarm to remind me while at work early, early Sunday morning, west coast time, to send out a shout out wishing her luck and I began to follow her posted split times as well as #PittsburghMarathon live tweet updates.

Okay, fine. It wasn’t like I was there but then again it was…kind of sort of.

It was then on my Instagram feed I saw my friend Kim had posted an amazing shot of one of the elite runners running past her. It was a great capture indeed…air under the guy’s feet as if he was running through the air rather than on the pavement…you know, like us mere mortals who try to run. I KNOW that it had to be exciting as I once got to see running greatness run past me…in the opposite direction…while running in the San Jose Rock and Roll Half Marathon. Excited I messaged Kim and told her how Tracey was running in the same event and just might be running by her soon…okay, later…still Tracey was headed her way! Kim messaged me back asking, “How can I spot her? I’m at mile 16. Would love to cheer her on.” Kim and I send back and forth messages with me trying to describe Tracey and then I send her a screen shot of Tracey with her running bib. An hour later I receive another message, “We just saw Tracey! I think we gave her a nice boost at mile 16!“, followed by, “Wish I could have lined up a few more folks to cheer for her.

Oh yeah, Kim is good people. She even came to my aid during BlogHer 11 with a dose of Tylenol…yes, it was part of her calling card but it helped me out and how can one ever forget that…oh, and I enjoyed sitting with her and sharing during a session or two. Even better, thanks to social media, I get to enjoy Kim’s company a lot and get to remind myself of the wonderful things that I miss about back home in Pittsburgh and that which makes Pittsburgh Someplace Special. Some pretty good people live there…like Tracey…like Kim.

It was after the race that I saw a posting on her Facebook wall from Tracey:

I’m home, icing every part of my body, reflecting on the day. A marathon isn’t fun or easy but parts of it did rock…My teammates, friends, fellow athletes! Laura Scarborough Setting up a surprise cheering section from 3000 miles away! The band at mile 9.29 playing Take the Skin Heads Bowling! Getting hosed down by a hot fireman in E Liberty! Knowing my Dad was with me every step of the way! My coaches Phil Thompson & Drew McCabe crossing the finish line with me! Best running partner Kathie O’Donnell finishing the last mile together!

Reading that made me cry…cry happy tears because although we can’t be face to face every day and we can’t just hop in a car and drive on over to be there for one another, I have some pretty amazing friends out there and thanks to the interwebs and a whole lot of social media I know that we can and are there for each other to support and encourage each other…to cry together…to pray together…to laugh together…tell me how and where to bury a body, you know, if I had to…to just be there for each other. It’s a small circle still it is a circle that has expanded my world in a way that I could never imagine…even when I am feeling alone here in Manteca. I have some pretty awesome friends…friends like Tracey, like Ann, like Kim, like Kari, like Kale, like Jenn, like Bill…I am so lucky…even if you all aren’t physically just around the corner.

Love you Tracey! Love you Kim! I hope that someday I can hook you two up…perhaps while taking in a game at PNC Park.

And one more time, congratulations Tracey!!! I am thrilled and honored to have cheered you on this weekend. You. Are. Awesome.

just five minutes

NASA / SDO and the AIA Consortium This SDO image (AIA 193) shows an M9-class solar flare erupting on the sun's northeastern hemisphere at 03:49 UT on Monday, just four days after a previous strong CME that sparked aurora around the world. More geomagnetic activity is expected.

Watching the news report of the recent solar storms I find myself remembering when I finally met Susan face to face. Our conversation was brief…five, maybe ten minutes. Perhaps it was a little bit longer. We were both at BlogHer10 and myself, and others, were in the afterglow of Susan speaking at the Voices of Year Community Keynote. I tried not to gush too much meeting a woman whose blog I adored. I tried not to be too starstruck. I have been told that I tend to do that when I meet those who inspire me in real life.

Thank goodness Susan made it so easy with her warm smile and laughing eyes. We made small talk while we sipped our drinks and waited in line to have our palms read at the BlogHer party. We talked about science and just how cool science is. I then confessed that I dropped Physics in high school because I was struggling so much and was afraid of my precious GPA dropping. I loved science…life sciences. The physical sciences I just did not get.

See how easily I can embarrass myself when I am starstruck?

But ever the scientist, ever the teacher, Susan patiently explained how really they are intertwined and connected offering up NASA’s Life and Physical Science Program as an example. That’s Susan, always teaching, always encouraging, always making her audience more aware…and when we should be already aware, she calls us to stand up and take action beyond silly Facebook games. And Susan has taught in her writings, in her conversations, in her life to be grateful. Even grateful in the exhausting, chaotic tedium of this life we have.

Our face to face encounter was perhaps just five minutes but it is one that I won’t soon forget. I know I will never forget Susan.

Thinking of you Susan.