just in case you ever wondered

If you were to ask me what is my favorite book I would not be able to tell you. A favorite book…book…singular book?


There are just too many for me to name for you.

But if pressed to share one title, just one I would share with you a children’s book I grew to love as I read it to my own children, Just In Case You Wonder by Max Lucado. I loved this book so much I even illustrated it with pictures of my own girls making it their own book.

Just in case you ever wondered.

I’ll always love you.

I’ll always hug you.

I’ll always be on your side.

And I want you to know that…

just in case you ever wonder.

I just love the words in this book and the sentiment they express. It’s kind of like Love You Forever except not in that crazy, creepy, helicopter, stalker-parent kind of way. Now that my kids are older, more than ever it is a sentiment I want them to always keep in their hearts.

I’ll always love them.

I’ll always hug them.

I’ll always be on their side.

There is so much more I want to do for them…wish that I could offer them that I never can…unless I were to win the lottery…if I played the lottery.

But I can promise them that I will always love them.

I will always hug them.

I will always be on their side.


Especially now.

Just in case they ever wondered.

NaPhoPoMo day 14


Books are gold.

Nothing else really needs to be said.

It’s that kind of day. You know, where know matter what you say or the fact that you are right and that you can even show that you are right in black and white you remain the one who is bringing on negativity…blowing things way out of proportion…and on and on. Honestly, I don’t wish to waste my energy on such drama-trauma that really isn’t all that dramatic or traumatic. No, I’d much rather curl up with this kid and read a book.

NaPhoPoMo day 6

it’s Stephen King’s fault

Completely random truth:

I’m kind of afraid of my garbage disposal. Anyone who has ever read Firestarter and remembers what happened to Dr. Pynchot will understand. You’ll never see me pushing things into the disposal with my hands.

Thanks, thanks a lot Stephen King!

Yes, I know that my sink is dirty. Yes, I scrubbed it clean…after I turned off the garbage disposal.


her favorite book

Any time and every time Hazel is here under the Big Top she sits down and looks at her favorite book.

She will tell you that it is the story about the day her Mommy and Daddy got married…and that she was there. She will then tell you that it is a really great book.

It is.

Happy anniversary to arguably one of the most beautiful bridal couples that I have ever seen. Happy anniversary Hollie and Ben!