a dream come true

Somewhere, out there is an orthodontist who is dreaming of this child’s bite and how they will fix it. Be patient, dear orthodontist, someday your dream shall come true.

good things come to those who wait

Remember when I shared about our beautiful smiles cruise? Of course I made the right choice and the beautiful smiles of my children make it all worth it. I reap the benefits, they reap the benefits and our orthodontist, having three children fom the same household simultaneously under her care, reaps some benefits too. It’s all worth it. Zoë’s beautiful smile is worth it.

Abby just got her braces off and it is worth it when she smiles too.

Jodie still has her braces but someday…

I know they won’t come off in time to enjoy this little adventure in July 2008! Still she will have a lot of fun even if she has to work. Her dance team will be dancing.


Oh my can you imagine the number of hits this post might generate just because I titled it naked? Can you imagine if I mentioned sex or genitalia or something that?
Sorry, I am a little silly this afternoon.
Remember when I had to give up my cruise vacation so three of my clowns could get braces? Fun times!
Well look who got hers off today, just in time for the start of the new school year (next week) and school pictures.

I told her she has to smile without ceasing so we can enjoy it. Zoë is absolutely thrilled and is planning on feasting on taffy and nuts tonight.

the very beautiful smiles cruise redoux

Here it is, our family’s beautiful smiles cruise.
Jodie recently got her braces and she is absolutely thrilled. Like her sisters, she sports a lovely, metallic smile that reminds me of those balmy, tropical ocean breezes. I ask the girls to smile often just so I can close my eyes and picture myself there. They usually will reign me back in with an annoyed, “Mom!”
The Mexican Riviera will still be there when my girls someday in the future will flash their dazzling, beautiful smiles that result from the braces that we chose to buy instead of a cruise. In the meantime, I will just close my eyes for a moment and picturee the deep blue ocean and hear the sounds of the cruise ship around me as I sip my tropical drink with the umbrella in it.

So beautiful!

wish I was there

Chris and his beautiful family have just returned from a fabulous five day cruise to Cozumel.
But being the kind of guy that he is, he blogged about each day sharing great pictures and memories that he and his family made.
Sorry, I can’t help but be a little bit jealous as I recall our own plans for this summer until they were changed last fall after a routine visit to the dentist. It’s okay, they were changed for a very good reason…make that THREE very good reasons. Jodie will be sitting in the orthodontist chair next week to begin her part of our beautiful smiles cruise.
You can almost hear the ocean and feel the warm tropical breezes when I make the girls smile.