things that don’t go together

A weekend in a hotel for the Hollywood Vibe Dance Convention and Competition and YOU have to study and take the online portion of your Neonatal Resuscitation Program renewal test. Doesn’t that sound like a workable thing? Oh, I forgot, you are bringing along your 12 year old boy because your darling husband is working through the weekend. You know, the sweet boy of yours with sensory processing issues? Don’t forget that your grandgirl, who also dances, will be there for part of the weekend too.

No! YOU thought this would be totally easy and doable.

Of course you did. Until you got there at the hotel…where the dance convention is being held…crowded with lots of other families from lots of other dance studios there…with lots and lots of very excited kids because OMG!!! Kent Boyd is here too!!!! A lot of dance moms were overly excited too. Still, you imagine this will be doable. The kids will be in dance classes from 7:30 AM until well into the afternoon and then they dance competitively through the night until around midnight all weekend long. You’ll have time for sure you tell yourself.


Did you forget the son you brought along?

But there’s a pool. He can swim. He has video games. He can keep himself entertained while you are studying and logging on to take that 9 part test. He’s a good boy. Your husband will be picking him up Saturday afternoon. You end up repeating that last sentence over and over again because he is a 12 year old boy and the last thing he wants to do is entertain himself. Your husband will be picking him up Saturday afternoon…

Did I forget to tell you that there is a hockey tournament happening here too and there are all kinds of hockey teams here with hockey players the same ages as all those dancers? Oh, and with hockey teams come hockey parents. Hockey parents who are more than okay with letting their kids play hockey IN THE HOTEL ROOM NEXT TO YOURS in the evening…until you asked them not to because it sounded like someone was being murdered in the next room which distracted you from studying and REALLY stressed out your 12 year old…the one with sensory processing issues. Apparently hockey dad didn’t think this was a problem until you told him that you thought that it might be…so he sends the kids out into the hall to play hockey. Yes. Because apparently on every floor there are kids playing hockey. They are also playing hockey in the hotel lobby too while their parents are doing celebratory shots Saturday night because their kids won the tourney.

YEAH Junior Kings!!!

Did I forget to tell you that the Internet connection is very spotty? The Internet connection you have to pay for because of course this hotel isn’t going to offer complimentary wi-fi to their guests.

So the connection keeps dropping while you are taking your test. There are hockey games, loud hockey games happening everywhere. Your son wants to go back to the pool an hour after he decided that he was tired of swimming but can’t possibly wear the swim trunks he wore because he wore them and they are wet. Any parent with a kid on the Spectrum gets that. If you don’t get that all I can say is, I’m sorry. Your grandgirl is REALLY upset because she can’t go swimming because her day is filled with dance classes and dance competition. You’re very thankful that your dancer is old enough to get herself to and from her dance classes but there are still the dances she is dancing in…and the grandgirl is dancing in. What kind of dance mom/mima would you be if you didn’t watch these kids dance?

You know what? None of this mixes well together at all.




So the next time you find yourself in hotel with your kids for a dance convention and there are also lots of hockey teams there too with hockey kids and hockey parents and you have work you must do for work that requires Internet access DON’T DO IT!!!

Just don’t.

Dance convention and competition is enough. It really is.

I know that my dancers think so. Hang in there girls…only five more hours to go then we go home.


Excuse me, I have to get back to trying to take my test before the wi-fi cuts out again.


belonging to

Darling Husband: You know how when Ginger was alive I pretty much belonged to her?

Me: Yes.

Darling Husband: Well, it looks like she has claimed you as hers.

Yes pretty much true.

I won’t lie, I did enjoy her cuddling up with me the last few days while I was sidelined with a pretty nasty sinus infection. With all that snot going on, no one else really wanted to hang out with me. I imagine that yes, I am beginning the slow, downward spiral to becoming a cat lady. As long as Zelda has my undivided attention…and lap… she’s pretty much okay with that.

from the heart

Valentine’s Day has come and gone. Love it or loathe it, it remains a part of the month of February and here under the Big Top we kind of like it because…

you give a little and receive a lot. At least that is Daniel’s perspective of this love day.

As for us, Bill and me, we decided to stay home, enjoy a special dinner, a nice bottle of wine and perhaps a movie.

Then I fell ill with what most definitely was a Man Cold…a Man Cold to end all Man Colds because as soon as my darling husband came home from work Thursday evening I took to my sick bed and there I stayed until Sunday morning. What can I say, fever, body aches, sore throat, headache and that just-hit-by-a-MackTruck feeling might drive anyone to their sick bed especially when your darling husband is home for a four day weekend and you know that he does indeed “got this“. And so I did take to my sick bed…

…with Zelda by my side. Nursing me back to health as she curled up next to me and slept for literally hours; so my darling husband assured me. Such a good little kitty she is to sacrifice as she did.

Valentine’s Day brought beautiful tulips and Christina’s Cupcakes and a delicious dinner (that I scarcely could enjoy with my burning, aching throat) plus much pampering by my darling husband but the best gift had to be this.

I know he didn’t want to get this. He made it clear that he did not want to when I asked him but, for me, because I asked and because the flu pandemic here in this Valley has been bad…healthy people are dying and the flu season  has a few more months to go even if experts think the worst is overthe same experts didn’t expect it to be this bad in the first place. Still, Happy Valentine’s Day to me, my darling husband went and got himself a flu shot…and a savings coupon from Safeway too.

The tulips I adore…as I do every year.

The tri-tip dinner he prepared I know was delicious even if I couldn’t enjoy it .

The pampering all weekend was so appreciated.

The flu shot…well, knowing that he really didn’t want to do this but to do it anyway…to do it completelyfor me…to me that was the best gift. A gift straight from his heart because yes, we often do things that we really don’t want to do for those we love the most.

I am so lucky…so damn lucky. This weekend I truly appreciate that.

for my little sister who is taller than me

Back in the day before Bill and I were parents and easily frightened by the epic meltdowns of small human beings enough to never ever want to have children ever, my sister was quite possibly the champion of epic meltdowns. Oh, and she could and often would take off running forcing her parents to give chase because really what is funnier than two panicked adults running all out after a preschooler with a good head start who is headed right towards a busy street or the end of a dock or any danger. I might have sworn off the notion of ever having children ever were I not already pregnant. Truthfully, my sister as a little one only scared me more about this whole thing that is parenting. Of course, by then it was too late for me…besides our little sister, yet to be born, would show us all how a meltdown should be done and then years and years later my grand baby, Fallon Elizabeth, would be the one to throw an epic meltdown like a Boss making all other tantrums truly weak.

But back to toddler Angela and her epic meltdowns…I recall one particularly epic one that took place soon after Bill and I arrived in Washington for a visit with my Dad, his wife and my little sister. As things started to calm and we all were together feeling awkward the way you do when someone’s kid has finally calmed down after a very public, loud, epic tantrum, my darling husband smirked just a little and quipped, “How ’bout them Seahawks?”…and the tension was gone as we all laughed just a little. Okay, fine, we laughed a lot because the Seahawks…really?!

But today, because my sister, who was raised in Washington, greeted me with a text message that proclaimed “Go Hawks!” and because the Seahawks showed up and played and won I will say…

How ’bout them Seahawks?!


Better yet…how ’bout that Bruno Mars and the Halftime show??!! Really the only good thing about this Super Bowl XLVIII unless you are a Seahawks fan.

as time goes by

Practically a lifetime ago, it seemed that the three families that love and claim Hazel as a daughter, niece, grandchild would never be able to be anything but be stiffly cordial to one another…and of course that was work because there was so much not-so-kind things happening before that. Of course it really wasn’t a lifetime ago but it sure felt that way. Just saying.

It definitely wasn’t that long ago when a little girl took to the stage to dance a duo and found herself overcome with fright and frustration and tears and ran off the stage.

But time goes by and

a little girl takes to the stage…

and rocks it with BOTH of her daddies!

Nothing but love here. In Hollie’s own words:

Still on an emotional high from last night. So proud of my baby girl, who had to pick a song and teach both her dads a dance. They won “Most Inspirational”. We have come a long way with this co-parenting business (some of you have been there through it all and know it hasn’t been easy in the slightest) and I’m proud of us for finally getting to the happy place we are at now, as well as super proud of our amazing daughter who has come so far in her dancing in just one year.


But just yesterday it seemed like our Jodie was telling us how much she loved dance class, as awkward as she was back in 2nd grade.

That’s exactly what we celebrated at our Dancing with the Dance Stars Team Jodie table…time passing and Jodie growing up from that little, awkward girl in Jonni’s mainstream jazz class to the accomplished dancer that she is today…anxiously waiting to hear about her AMDA audition.

She too shared the stage with her daddy because…

after all, she does get this from her daddy!

Best Daddy-Daughter Dance!