be on the lookout

If you happen to find yourself in and around Modesto come Sunday morning, be on the lookout for these sweet running tights. I will be wearing them while running The Modesto Half Marathon.

Current weather conditions promise it to be a very bright, sunny and WARM race.

I might die!


Still I just might because I am not a hot weather runner. Ignore the the half marathons past…The American River Parkway Half, The Disneyland Half, The San Jose Rock and Roll Half…all ran in the heat. Those were more than 4 years ago and I STILL hated running in the heat then as I do now…perhaps even more now because hot flashes make it even hotter…take your breath away and perhaps suffocate you hotter.

Yes, I just might die.

But at least I know I trained well in spite of the last two runs of my training which absolutely, positively sucked. I have been hydrating well all week. And I have some sweet running tights and equally colorful kicks to run through Mo-town come Sunday morning!

If your in my neck of the woods I do hope that you will come cheer me on. I need lots of cowbell and cheering. I won’t promise a PR time like the inaugural Stockton Half or even negative splits like my very first half marathon race because I am 5 years older and slower and this is a comeback for me. But I do promise for you lots of fun cheering racers on and a beer and wine garden with food trucks galore at the finish line.

But if you aren’t in my neck of the woods and want to be a creeper still want to cheer me on you can sign up for instant updates of me out on the race course where you will receive start time, splits and finish time sent directly to your phone, email or Facebook.

Fixed for the very first time

I will admit it. I am in a rut when it comes to what I wear every day. If I am not wearing jammies while dropping my son off to school, I am wearing, as I go about my usual juggling kind of day, rumpled scrubs or tee shirts (or sweat shirts or sweaters) and jeans or running leggings paired with a singlet or running tee hidden under a denim shirt with my sweaty hair tucked under a ball cap or slouchy, knit hat.

I know a certain sanctimommy blogger recently declared leggings and yoga pants to be offensive when she stated that she would no longer wear them because it vexed her husband so imagining all of us slutty women galavanting out and about town wearing our slutty leggings and yoga pants but lately that is pretty much the uniform as I’m training here…not that I would imagine any poor, innocent man is actually checking out my 53 year old butt that propels me to run more than 30 miles a week while training for The 5th annual Modesto Half Marathon. I really don’t have time, nor do I care. Besides, why should I say anything to answer her argument when Carly pretty much shut that stupid, sexist nonsense down better than anyone else.

Still, sometimes when I get a side glance of me in the mirror, I notice that in spite of a closet that screams for some serious editing and updating, I am in a rut…jammies, scrubs, jeans, sweaty running clothes.


Then I noticed a co-worker’s Facebook post sharing her latest Stitch Fix and I was curious and inspired. So I followed the link she shared…you’re welcome S!…and I decided to check out this thing that everyone else I know online and all of Pinterest is enjoying.

Stitch Fix is the first fashion retailer to blend expert styling, proprietary technology and unique product to deliver a shopping experience that is truly personalized for you. Simply fill out the Stitch Fix Style Profile and our personal stylists will handpick a selection of five clothing items and accessories unique to your taste, budget and lifestyle. You can buy what you like and return the rest!

How does it work?

  1. Fill out your Style Profile

    Begin by filling out the Style Profile. This helps us understand your size, style, shape, budget and lifestyle. Completing your profile should only take about 10 minutes.

  2. Pick the date you’d like to receive your shipment

    We’ll send you a selection of five clothing items and accessories handpicked by personal stylists on the date you choose. At the time your stylist selects your items, you will be charged a $20 styling fee. That $20 will be applied toward anything you keep from your shipment.

  3. Try everything on in the comfort of your home

    We encourage you to try on everything our personal stylists have picked for you because you just never know what will look great on! Create new outfits by pairing what’s in your shipment with the items that are already in your closet.

  4. Buy what you like and return the rest

    a. Take three days to decide what you’ll purchase and what you’d like to send back. You’re only charged for these items when you tell us what you’re keeping and returning.

    b. Check out by logging in to your account to pay for those items you want to keep. The $20 styling fee will be applied toward any items you purchase. If you buy all five items, we’ll give you 25% off the entire purchase!

    c. Simply return the items you don’t want in our prepaid mailing bag and drop it at any USPS mailbox. Stitch Fix clients enjoy free shipping both ways as a benefit of using our service!

Seems simple enough. Why not?!

Will a scrubs and t-shirt & skinny jeans wearing kind of girl find happiness in this box? We shall see.

Inside my first fix is a note from my stylist, Janelle, who after reading through my profile and checking out my Pinterest boards selected five different items along with several styling options.

Loving the colors! Let’s try them on!

The 41Hawthorn Moni Geo Print & Camisole Blouse – $58. LOVE the color, not too wild about the trim. Ultimately, it was too tight in the shoulders so no.

Collective Concepts Maisy Geo Print Dress – $88.00. What a cute dress this is! I imagine that Janelle is right; this would look perfect with nude kitten heels. The only problem is that although it is my size, I can’t zip it up past my upper waist. No.

Next 19 Cooper Cathleen Split-Neck Tulip Sleeve Blouse. This color with my hair and my eyes…YES! Too tight again in the shoulders and arms…no!

Apparently I have man shoulders thanks to kettle bells.

Bay to Baubles Aditi Spade Earrings $28.00. These fit perfectly! I was going to keep them but at the very last minute, three days later influenced probably by sleep deprivation and stress from Bill’s heart attack, I changed my mind. Ultimately, I didn’t like the way they looked with the length that my hair is right now. I knew I wouldn’t wear them right now so decided to send them back. Perhaps another fix as my pixie cut continues to grow out.

Mavi Gold Nigel Skinny Jean -$138. A little bit pricier than what I spent on my last pair of jeans, but…the cut, the quality of the material and the way they fit literally every curve and the length of my legs perfectly, I would say worth it. Yes, please!

So there you have it. My very first Stitch Fix. Not really a fail. I had a chance to see potential fashion possibilities, that I might not necessarily even consider for me because I am stuck in a t-shirt & jeans, rumpled scrubs, running tights kind of rut. We need to work on sizing and fit which is what the return survey and message to my stylist is for. I told how the returned items fit, or didn’t fit and things I might like to see. Following Stitch Fix on Pinterest and Instagram gives me ideas for possible fixes that I might like that I can always let my stylist know too to help her out. We’re just getting started. Who knows what she will send me come April (I chose to receive my Fix every other month).

Interested? Curious? Feel free to click on my Stitch Fix referral link to get started.



photo dump 2-9-15 edition

I may not be writing much lately but I am taking pictures.

There is that at least.

Colds and flu season…sigh!

Bridesmaid gown acquired. Little sister will be pleased.

So apparently Starbucks and Match have joined together to help me meet someone? Um…no one tell my husband?

I might have a problem. Then again, most runners I know have a similar problem…worse even. By the way, I crushed that long run this past weekend and then I ate all the Chicken Alfredo Baked Ziti.

Actually I did save some for the family including Hazel who declared it all to be delicious…except the mushroom.

Meanwhile, not even her favorite, Queen Elsa, could wake up Fallon to come join the family for dinner.

Cavity inducing bedtime moments like these are truly the best.

And this. A Sunday well spent brings a week of content.

I sure do hope so!

Happy Monday y’all!


never a bridesmaid

When I announced that one of my (much) younger sisters is getting married, I also shared the fact that I have never been a bridesmaid…once a bride, and always guestbook girl or wedding singer. But THIS YEAR, for the very first time, I will be.

Yes, I’m kind of excited.

Actually, I am a lot excited.

And I am even more thrilled for my sister.

Of course this means I need to get a dress.

Serious stuff bridesmaid dress shopping is. After I was registered and the bride’s information was verified, I was escorted to my own dressing room by my own bridal party consultant with a number of dresses ready for me to try on. The sign is a nice touch but I’m not so sure about the “BM” being a nurse and all…that “BM” means something completely different to me!

Oh well.

My sister decided to let her bridal party choose the dress that suits each of us best in the colors she has chosen so I had several dresses to try on. Of course I brought along some experts with a good eye: Hollie and Fallon…because she is so fancy…you already know! I can trust them both to tell me if a dress is perfect and makes my butt look awesome or if I look like I am wearing one of Jodie’s prom dresses.

And they did.

But you know, bridesmaid dress shopping with your Mima is so much more fun when you get to try on a few dresses yourself just for fun.

And so you do.

Fallon and Hazel both will be flower girls for Ange and the most adorable dresses have been chosen already for them. But being the sweetheart that she is, Ange asked me if we found any dresses for the girls there that we like better.


Fallon wants this one…in this color!

We’re sticking with the dresses the lovely bride has chosen because they will be perfect.

Oh, and we found the perfect dress for me too. Stay tuned…August 8, 2015.

and now let us pause for a moment of self-indulgent meditation

(almost) Everyone has at least one…one pair of perfect blue jeans. The pair that fits your shape perfectly in every way that you want it to. They are perfectly broken in. Perhaps they have been that way since Day 1 because you paid the extra coin for them in their perfect wearable destruction; or maybe they have been worn to perfection through the days, weeks, months and years that you have worn them. You slip them on and they hug every curve and edge exactly how you want them to. They are your old friend that you can dress up, dress down, grunge around in or just chill in.

Your jeans.

Your favorite pair of jeans.

Your perfect pair of jeans.

Your most favorite, perfect pair of jeans.

Then today you slip them on and lo, they have become distressed and destroyed in such a way that is most certainly not fashionable, or repairable and…


Oh stop judging! I know you get it because I know you too have that pair of jeans and even if you don’t, it’s my blog and I’ll self-indulgently mourn for the jeans that I have worn perfectly for longer than my first grandbaby has been alive if I want to.

By the way, that grandbaby is 6½ years old and she STILL hasn’t lost any baby teeth.

Let us all now pause for a moment of silent meditation for the perfect pair of blue jeans lost.




Thank you.