if you give a two year old an apple…

…she will LITERALLY eat the entire thing…core and all…because you did offer an apple and invite her to eat it. Next time qualify your invitation with “enjoy this red delicious apple until you get to the middle where the seeds are, okay?

Hey, at least she ate it unlike the delicious breakfast and lunch and dinner presented to her today.

Two year olds are grand, strange, little creatures aren’t they?

time for pie

Our Thanksgiving, delayed but one day, today because I worked yesterday. Actually I signed up to work because Hazel would be with her Daddy Jeff, Hollie and family would be celebrating the holiday with her in laws and Abby and Jodie would be working…hurray for greedy retailers open on Thanksgiving Day and NOT paying a premium to their workers for sacrificing family time you know like healthcare workers, police and fire.

Anyways, today was our Thanksgiving Day…after a short little nap for me. Loved spending the afternoon with my Zoë preparing a feast fit for a family circus. Thankful for that time.

Definitely thankful.

Thankful for the ones who did gather.

Definitely thankful.

Others, I’m afraid were perhaps too full from yesterday’s family feasting…and others were just terribly two.

Oh terrible twos! Poor sweet girl. Poor mommy too. I remember holiday gatherings like that. Those were the days! At least my darling husband was there to share the burden joy with me.

But now it is time for a little pie with our whipped cream.

Absolutely thankful.

NaPhoPoMo day 29

in season

It’s Fall y’all. It’s a gloomy November day. It’s colds and flu season. To the parents who KNOWINGLY brought their kids to school, camp, after school activities practices with fevers, coughs, sore throats, nausea and vomiting….


Actually I am kidding. Why would I thank such foolish irresponsibility especially since this pretty much guarantees that your irresponsible choices will bring sickness here under the Big Top. Hurray, hurray, hurray. Thank you for being a selfish, irresponsible ass.

I know…it’s the season…it can’t be helped.

Blah, blah, blah…


I’m just going to enjoy a yummy, velvety bowl of tomato soup before I take of the first casualty of colds and flu season and stupid parents here under the Big Top.

NaPhoPoMo day 12

and while this blog has been ignored…

Much too much has been going on.

Pumpkin pies being sliced and sold for the Sober Grad fundraising efforts. More being sold at the football game tomorrow night with me in charge. Yeah, me. Really I don’t even recognize myself anymore.

Come by and buy some pie.

Not for sale, but ready for consumption is the Tears of Angels IPA. Hollie called it. It did indeed taste like the tears of angels…if they made a tasty IPA.

If it’s Fall it must be IEP time. This year was so much easier than last year. It’s amazing the respect a parent gets when advocating for her child’s special education needs after bringing in an advocate and doing a little bit of name dropping last year. I can not thank my friends who offered their services, advice and let me drop names last year enough. Oh and Daniel is doing so much better this year. It’s amazing the difference in the development of a child’s social skills when they are able to stay in the same school environment for more than one or two years.

More time for more charity work. Free gourmet food, wine tasting, delicious martinis and time spent with a few of my favorite co-workers make it worth it all the more.

And perhaps there has been a bit of binge-watching going on. Yeah, I just now discovered Breaking Bad. I can’t believe that I so very quickly finding myself caring about characters that seem to have no redeeming qualities whatsoever but I do. Seriously, none of them seem to be good people at all…except perhaps Walt Jr. and baby Holly. I just started Season 3. No one tell me how it all ends up.

I mean it.

La la la la la la la…La la la la la la la…La la la la la la la…

I can’t hear you.