putting away childish things

It’s a big moment in the life of one of our clowns today…and a big, oh-gawd-where-did-the-time-go moment for her parents. Jodie Grace Wynonna is 18 today.

  • she can now buy lottery tickets
  • and cigarettes if she smoked, which she doesn’t because…”eeeww!“. Her words, and mine
  • I am no longer privy to her health information nor can I make any healthcare type, informed consent decisions for her which scares the crap out of her…and me
  • she can register to vote and can vote for the first time next month
  • she can serve on a jury…so perhaps San Joaquin County will quit summoning my darling husband, the one with a steady paycheck right now
  • she is graduating from high school in, oh my glob, thirteen school days…she has a countdown clock
  •  she is no longer subjected to the local curfew laws that city officials really don’t enforce anyway
  • but the car still has a curfew….I am so glad that I was able to think fast on my feet all those years ago. Truly one of my better parenting moments

Nevertheless, let us all pause for a moment, or more, as we contemplate the fact that I am now the mother of four…FOUR adult children…technically…I mean at least two are still living under the Big Top and dependents…working…going to school…but still dependents. And for those of you who have been a part of this Adventures in Juggling for the last decade even way back in the AOL Journal days, yes, that bright, shiny, golden haired little girl is now 18 years old today.


Weep now with me my people.

It’s okay. They are happy tears…for so many reasons.

Now watch her life flash before your eyes because that is pretty much what I have witnessed here.

pinteresting and more

Perfect for poolside…if I had a pool; or if my hot tub was working and not dismantled and just an empty shell as it has been for weeks now. Ahem, darling husband.

So there have been a few tornado watches and warning here in our neck of the woods. Yes, Northern Cali experiences tornadoes! People often forget that NorCal gets tornadoes. In fact, the only reports of tornadoes in the US on Wednesday, March 26 were from our area. But because everyone believes them to be rare, warnings sent out via text and phone just don’t get the respect they should in these here parts. Which means we get to see some pretty amazing pictures and videos like this.

Whoa, indeed!

Math nerds, mark your calendars.

Actually, I imagine that the math nerds have known about this a long time ago. The rest of us mere mortals are just now catching up.

For each petal on the shamrock
This brings a wish your way -
Good health, good luck, and happiness
For today and every day.
~ Author Unknown ~

It’s even lovelier around my neck.

I want to be this awesome when I am 97.

And here I was all ready to write something thoughtful and eloquent about motherhood and Gwyneth Paltrow when Sarah of the Sticky Fingers Brigade did it for me.

Not one mother out there has never said (or thought to herself) some snarky, mean thought about other mothers doing it wrong, meaning not the way we are doing this mothering thing that we do so maybe we should chalk up Gwynnie’s thoughts to her doing just that. We can then smirk and shake our heads over her being a lot clueless and get back to trying to do our very best being the mothers that we are.

For those days when I have nothing to wear.

Thank you Caleb White for your service to us all.

Yes, thanks to Self and their mistake and pretty lame apology we discovered something pretty awesome that is Glam Runner because tutus are pretty damn awesome.

Even more better was that Self followed up on that apology by changing the conversation and keeping it positive.

You can support Girls on the Run — the charity on whose board Monika sits — and UCSD’s neurooncology lab where she is being treated, or you can go for a run tomorrow morning wherever you live, in a tutu or anything else you like. #ChangeTheConversation  #KeepingItPositive




still not creepy

The night before another procedure to see how well his pituitary gland is functioning with daily human growth hormone injections at Children’s Hospital Central California I found myself regarding his sweet face as he slept.

Of course I take a picture because, please.

Then I look closer at the picture I just took and I see a shadow, a shadow of my little boy growing into a young man. Okay, this might be getting creepy someday very soon.

The procedure went okay after a two hour wait because the nurse who was supposed to initiate it did not come to work due to a family emergency and no one in the department seemed to know that until I stepped out of his room to go get my phone charger out of the car. But after some staffing changes, profuse apologies from Daniel’s endocrinologist, the head of the Endocrinology Department, a few difficult lab draws and then lunch on the Endocrinology Department’s dime because we both had not eaten anything since 8 PM the night before we were done for the day and back on the road for the nearly two hour drive home.

I did my level best not to glance too often in the rear view mirror to peek at my sleeping man-child.

it’s time: “shut the door please”

I enter his room with an armful of freshly laundered and folded boy clothes. There he is sitting on his bed surrounded by all his bed buddies, including those little lions. One leg is propped up on his bent knee while he is so intently focused on yet another magic trick video…his latest YouTube obsession.

Thanks, Mom.

You’re welcome.

As I begin to exit his room and head downstairs to retrieve even more laundry to put away, he calls out to me.


Yes, son?

Can you shut the door please?

Um, sure.

And so we continue on that twisty, winding road that is life with a pre-teen and teenager. I have no clue how this road will twist and turn nor how steep it might be but I do know that again, for the fifth (and final) time I am on that road. I quietly sigh to myself and gently shut the door.

It’s going to be okay.

For now.

Wait until we get to the slamming-the-door-and-loudly-blasting-angry-music stage. I’m so not ready to go to there.

her turn

From the time she was two until shortly after her fourth birthday, I frequently “lost” my darling daughter, Jodie. You know what I mean, how you turn your head for one second or allow one of your other children to distract you with something trivial like tying their shoes or extricating them from a jump rope tied to the swing-set or breaking up the twelfth knock down drag out fight between at least two of your darling little circus clowns and that little one is suddenly GONE, like NO WHERE TO BE FOUND! No, she wasn’t the only one of my children who would become lost; she was just the one that seemed to become misplaced ALL THE TIME.

Yes, I can hear you clucking your tongues and imagine you folding your arms tightly across your chest as you shake your head disapprovingly over my obviously poor parenting skills…because you have never turned around to see that your little darling is not by your side in a crowded department store or at a Saturday afternoon soccer tournament. Of course your child has never, ever wandered off scaring you half to death and giving you even more gray hair.

Of course!

I believe you.

But, it has happened to me…more often than I want to admit…mostly thanks to my sweet, adorable Jodie Grace Wynonna.

Payback, well, payback can be a bitch she discovered this weekend while we walked around San Francisco.

No, I was not lost. I knew exactly where I was. I was on Powell Street at the Cable Car Turnaround taking pictures because…

they were all lined up and the lighting was absolutely perfect after the afternoon shower. Of course I had to stop and take pictures!

Of course!



Jodie, on the other hand, seemed to completely disagree. “OH MY GAWD! MOM!! You can NOT just wander off like that! I turn around and you were GONE! Do you realize how much you scared me!!!

No clue, my darling daughter. I have absolutely no clue.

She is not amused with the truth that this just might be a small payback for the years she did this to me…all the time.

Not at all.

My punishment? A trip to her Mother Ship, the Forever 21 Flagship store.

Whatever, little girl! I think I shall further torture you by purchasing these sweet shoes and wearing them EVERYWHERE!!!