things left behind

Somewhere in the middle of the Mohave Desert along US Highway 95, you might find a 2012 Ford Focus driver’s side windshield wiper.

No, I did not stop to retrieve it. If you see it, you are more than welcome to it…if it is usable.

It’s not the only thing Daniel and I left behind as we headed back to The Big Top.

It never is easy to leave a piece of your heart hundreds of miles away from home.


Meanwhile back to home, back to juggling.

It has been that kind of day getting back to reality complete with laundry (too much laundry), a dirty dog, and a Big Top just waiting for the maid me to clean.

I might need a couple more of those, son.

dreaming dreams

I dream a dream

I dream a dream where my desk will forever always be as uncluttered as I wish my mind would be.

Because this literally took me all day to do. Of course given the fact that my mind is such a cluttered mess, it is likely that it took all day to clean and organize this entire workspace because my mind is such a distracted cluttered mess.


I dream a dream where I would not find myself so excited over my latest purchase.

Best $4 I have ever spent ever because menopause is stupid and the fact that hot flashes can literally go on and on for years…YEARS post menopause is just stupid and dumb and quite possibly causes me to question my belief that it is great to be a girl.

I dream a dream where one can sit in a waiting room, a coffee shop, at a bus stop, in an airport, in a restaurant and not be forced to enjoy the music, video, game, podcast, whatever loud noises coming from an individual’s smart phone, tablet or laptop because, believe it or not, we really aren’t as into that new music video on YouTube or movie or book on tape game or whatever else you or your precious snowflake might be enjoying while sitting next to us in a waiting room, coffee shop, bus stop, airport, restaurant or any public place where we are sharing the same oxygen.



I dream a dream where ear buds and headphones are available for all god’s children…especially you and your precious snowflake.

And then I dream some more…

weekends are for resetting

Yesterday was my Saturday and today is my Sunday. Next week my Saturday and my Sunday will likely be days other than Sunday and Monday; but who knows? Such is the life of a nurse, a night shift nurse, Vampire the Night Shift Nurse.

But yeah.

This week, today is my Sunday and yesterday was my Saturday which means that right now I am busy. I am busy resetting my body clock while I catch up on sleep, oh so precious sleep and laundry because there is much laundry to be done right now.

Oh, and sleep, because nightshift nurse problems and cat lady life.


Fallon and her friend, Delilah, are arguably the most adorable ginger-haired two year olds on the planet. I absolutely adore the fact that they both call out “Mi-Ma!!” every time they see me. But even I know well enough to be afraid, very afraid when they put their heads together.

Oh sure they could be planning something absolutely adorable like cleaning house in the way that only a two year old armed with a Swiffer duster can. That’s exactly what they want you to think they are doing. It’s world domination that they are really planning.

I’m keeping the Big Top well stocked with Swiffer dusters. Dusting is distraction and I have a lot of things that need dusting. .

Just me sacrificing a little in order to protect the world.

You’re welcome, world!

taken down, packed up, like a boss

It’s official. The kids are back to school…hurray, hurray, hurray. The final, frenzied dance competition season is just about to begin. The Rockefeller Christmas Tree is officially down and being milled and readied for “green lumber” for Habitat for Humanity.And, The Big Top Christmas Crazy is down and packed away for another year. Yes, including the Big Tree…unlike last year, when it stayed up until the beginning of March because me have elves to help pack this holiday crazy up and put away?

Oh honey, please! I have help putting this all away like I have help putting it all up. They are clowns, not elves, living here under the Big Top.

So with a burst of energy and the desire to beat my personal best with my new Fitbit, I got all of it, including the big tree, packed up in one afternoon.

Like a boss!

Oh and I logged over 20,000 steps.

Again, like a boss!

Meanwhile, poor Zelda is mourning the fact that I packed away all of her fabulous toys. I forgot how much kitty cats love the Christmas crazy.