all the curves, the edges, all the perfect imperfections

Mr. and Mrs. today for 11,323 days…271,752 hours, 16,305,120 minutes, 978,307,120 minutes.

Don’t worry. I checked my math because yes, my math skills

That’s a pretty long time to be together and yes, through so many curves, way too many edges and a few perfect imperfections. But we were together. Here’s to more and more adventures together always with awesome hair.

Happy 31st anniversary, dear, darling husband of mine. The fact that you want to take me out for sushi tonight tells me that you love me so…still.

And I you too.

All of me.

All of you.

from the heart

Valentine’s Day has come and gone. Love it or loathe it, it remains a part of the month of February and here under the Big Top we kind of like it because…

you give a little and receive a lot. At least that is Daniel’s perspective of this love day.

As for us, Bill and me, we decided to stay home, enjoy a special dinner, a nice bottle of wine and perhaps a movie.

Then I fell ill with what most definitely was a Man Cold…a Man Cold to end all Man Colds because as soon as my darling husband came home from work Thursday evening I took to my sick bed and there I stayed until Sunday morning. What can I say, fever, body aches, sore throat, headache and that just-hit-by-a-MackTruck feeling might drive anyone to their sick bed especially when your darling husband is home for a four day weekend and you know that he does indeed “got this“. And so I did take to my sick bed…

…with Zelda by my side. Nursing me back to health as she curled up next to me and slept for literally hours; so my darling husband assured me. Such a good little kitty she is to sacrifice as she did.

Valentine’s Day brought beautiful tulips and Christina’s Cupcakes and a delicious dinner (that I scarcely could enjoy with my burning, aching throat) plus much pampering by my darling husband but the best gift had to be this.

I know he didn’t want to get this. He made it clear that he did not want to when I asked him but, for me, because I asked and because the flu pandemic here in this Valley has been bad…healthy people are dying and the flu season  has a few more months to go even if experts think the worst is overthe same experts didn’t expect it to be this bad in the first place. Still, Happy Valentine’s Day to me, my darling husband went and got himself a flu shot…and a savings coupon from Safeway too.

The tulips I adore…as I do every year.

The tri-tip dinner he prepared I know was delicious even if I couldn’t enjoy it .

The pampering all weekend was so appreciated.

The flu shot…well, knowing that he really didn’t want to do this but to do it anyway…to do it completelyfor me…to me that was the best gift. A gift straight from his heart because yes, we often do things that we really don’t want to do for those we love the most.

I am so lucky…so damn lucky. This weekend I truly appreciate that.

summer fling don’t mean a thing

You can’t ride the teacups solo. You just can not. Well, unless you don’t WANT to spin around in the spinning teacups ride which in that case why are you even on the spinning teacups ride?


But yes, you can’t ride the teacups ride solo. Hazel knows this. But her mommy can’t ride spinning rides…she is so much my darling husband’s daughter. As the parent designated to ride the spinning rides with our circus clowns, I was more than happy to ride the spinning teacups ride with Hazel.


she didn’t WANT to ride with her Mima.

Fine. Reject your Mima!

But you see there was Dominick. Dominick was in line for the teacup ride too and didn’t want to ride with his Dad OR his Mommy and definitely not with his baby brother sleeping in the stroller. So here’s a great idea…why not Hazel and Dominick ride the teacups together? Dominick’s Dad and I thought this would be a great idea. Dominick and Hazel both shrugged trying to convince us that they didn’t really care. Then they got into the waiting teacup together.

People this is how summer flings begin.

Reluctant as they might have appeared in the beginning, soon enough Hazel and Dominick were soon laughing together and squealing with delight. And then, much too soon, the ride and their little summer fling came to an end as they both disembarked, hugged and thanked each other for the ride. Dominick and his family went their way and we headed our way looking for the next ride at Jolly Roger Amusement Park here in Ocean City.

Just making memories…lots of summer memories here in Ocean City because school (kindergarten) starts in just, oh my glob, TWO WEEKS!!!

love day

Happy Love Day Y’all!

You don’t need pretty flowers, or pretty cards with heart-felt messages. Forget about what jewelry companies try to sell you. You don’t even need chocolate or wining and dining.


Oh geez…

Just tell someone whom you can’t imagine living without that you love them because day to day, everyday, sometimes we do forget because we know the people we love will always be there, always loving us. But the thing is love needs to be nurtured and cultivated. So go ahead. Tell someone you love them…even if you just did yesterday or early this morning. Tell them again.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Nominated for Best Animated Short in this year’s Academy Awards, Paperman.

a weekend off

How does that old song go?

Everybody’s workin’ for the weekend…

Egads, that song IS old, like back when MTV played music videos like all day old!

Yes, most folks are doing the Monday through Friday thing just so they can rest and play through their weekend.


Me, I work pretty much every weekend. A weekend off is a rare thing and is usually in order to take Jodie to a dance competition. Juggling the needs of this circus I have no choice. I love that I can be there for Hollie to watch the babies. Jodie and Daniel live too far from their schools to walk and there is no school-provided transportation available. Well, I did give up the short bus hoping Daniel could stay at his school rather than be moved to yet another school in the district. And then there is homework…fourth grade homework is hard, especially hard for a kid like Daniel. The kids need me. They seem to need me more the older they get. Sorry to the moms of little ones who just can’t wait for the freedom of older kids. It doesn’t always work out that way. The fact that my workplace only offers 12 hour shifts makes it all the harder. This is why I gave up my full time position more than four years ago and accepted a per diem position. I love my job. I love what I do. But my family right now needs me more and needs me to have more flexibility in when I work and when I am home for them.

In the workplace, I gave up a lot. Some think I don’t take my career as seriously I should. Some assume I’m lucky to stay home and choose not to work full time and work “whenever I feel like working”.  Not true. But it is what I choose to sacrifice the career a little for the family. And so I work pretty much every single weekend, when my family is home resting and playing.

But this weekend I had off…Friday through Sunday, which is the weekend in the night shift nurse-land.

How glorious!

How desperately needed.

So I put my calls directly to voice mail…because I knew that I would be called to come in due to staffing needs and new admissions. I was. I felt a little bit guilty because I know how hard it is to find extra staff when short-staffed, especially with surprise admissions…and especially on weekends. Yes, I felt a little bit guilty. But I reminded myself how desperately I needed my own weekend off for my own physical, mental and emotional health. It was time for me to take a weekend off and to enjoy…

a date night with the husband…

spending a few hours in my daughter’s stylist chair…

some cuddle time with a 10 month old who doesn’t believe in napping on a lazy Sunday afternoon. OMG, Fallon is TEN MONTHS OLD!!!…

enjoy some silly play when chores should be done…

and take some time to just play a little with my boy…who won’t be little that much longer…

to try out yet another recipe that I pinned on Pinterest and then sit down and enjoy some Sunday afternoon football. The enchiladas, by the way, were delicious!

And now Monday is here…back to the juggling of the kids, school, after school obligations and activities, the grandkids and everything else…oh, and work this weekend. I am so glad that I took this last weekend off.