only ten hours

According to my navigator app, it only takes about 10-11 hours to drive from Manteca to Tempe…weather permitting…probably no stops along the way except for gas. Driving to Tempe from Manteca it is about that…not counting the stops for gas, for coffee, potty breaks, meals, windshield wiper blade replacement…and sometimes traffic.

It also takes ten hours to travel from Manteca to Tempe when one is flying…today.

Driving from Manteca. We left after dropping Daniel off at school which means we were on the road just after 9 AM…after we got coffee.

Windy, rainy and green because it has been rainy…FINALLY!!!

To Mineta International Airport because Southwest had super awesome, cheap flights that fit this SunDevil’s school/work/social/family schedule. I now accept the fact that I am supposed to leave her there on the curb with her luggage. Security waving me to move along helped just a little. I still don’t like that I have to leave her there. Yes, I still blame my darling husband for making me drop her off to kindergarten years ago. I left her at 11 AM,

I got home just before 1 PM which gave me time to do something worthwhile, like a load of laundry, before picking Daniel up from school.


Jodie’s flight was delayed three times. Today she learned that when you are a poor college student between paychecks, airport cuisine at Mineta International is too expensive for you.

Finally boarding!

This is her If I smile real big you’ll offer me extra bags of complimentary honey-roasted peanuts because I haven’t eaten since breakfast face.

5:35 PM landed in Burbank. Apparently it wasn’t a direct flight. I could have sworn it was a direct flight. No, Mom. It’s not a direct flight.

Finally at 7:15 PM a text announcing: Landed in Phoenix!

See? Only 10 hours. Yes, I’m ignoring the fact that Arizona doesn’t observe Daylight Savings Time. 9 hours…might as well be 10 hours.

We miss her already.

Can it be May?

I’m pretty certain this is all her father’s fault…still.




Everyone in the world should get a standing ovation at least once in their life because we all overcometh the world. ~ August Pullman’s Precept, Wonder, RJ Palacio

The very best thing about today’s 7th & 8th grade awards assembly?

Hearing students and teachers loudly whooping and hollering and applauding for your son when his name is called.

The second-best thing?

At the end of the assembly when several students come up to you to say, “Hi Daniel’s mom!” One even took the time to introduce himself and shake my hand.

The third best thing?

My kid was the only one who made a point to step away after receiving his awards to come hug his mom. Parents around me were hella jealous because what 7th or 8th grader does that?…in public?

I might have gotten a little teary at today’s awards assembly. Perhaps I shouldn’t have been listening to Adele’s new album, 25, on my way to the school.


and yes, Karen, this was a good week!

because having three sisters is not nearly enough

As the youngest daughter, poor Jodie has endured much at the hand of her three older sisters. There’s the one time the big sisters ditched her on the walk home from school because why should they have to worry about their 7 year old baby sister they argued. Because adorable and little and blonde and someone might steal her, I answered back. I might have also told her big sisters that no one would steal them, they would bring them back because sometimes they were that mean to their baby sister. Yet here we are today and Jodie is now a sister of more sisters than she can count!

Last night she was initiated into the sisterhood of the Gamma Phi Chapter of Delta Gamma which means I get to add Sorority Mom to my maternal resumé. A big deal for my darling daughter. A big deal only open to the sisterhood. Of course that wasn’t about to stop me from being there to surprise my darling daughter…and perhaps make her cry tears mixed with homesickness and happiness.


It’s a talent of mine.

Dear Darling Jodie,

This day, this moment is a very special one for you. Although Dad and I and your sisters and brother can not be there to celebrate with you I am thankful for the opportunity to celebrate and congratulate you with this letter.

From the moment that you told me of your intent to pledge with the Gamma Phi Chapter of Delta Gamma I could not help but think that this was something that was meant to be for you. You were born to be a sister…literally….even if your older sisters teased you so when you all were growing up. Once your shiny, new-ness as a baby wore off and you were walking after them just trying to keep up they soon realized that you were so much more than a cute little baby plaything to force their own will upon. Soon enough they realized how awesome it was to call you their sister…as I imagine your new sisters at Delta Gamma are starting to discover.

The motto “Do Good” suits you because you have always been someone who tries her very best to do just that. Your family, your friends, your teachers, your fellow classmates, your coaches, your teammates over the years have come to appreciate the firm anchor that you have been for us all. How fortunate Delta Gamma will be to include you in the bond sisterhood and secrets of the Delta Gamma Fraternity!

As with every part of your adventurous life, I am happy for you and very proud of you. You never fail to disappoint in the sense that when you say you will do something you do it and you do it with grace, strength and kindness. Good luck to you on this next adventure of yours.

I love you with all my hearts, my baby, my love, my life my joy!



Do Good, Jodie.




If it’s November it’s time for report cards and teachers conferences and hearing about the inappropriate things your teenaged son might have said in the classroom because teenaged boys do that sometimes.

I’m learning so much about teenaged boys that I have never known before. Somehow I think my brothers failed me on this. Then again, teenaged me wanted very little to do with them…and vice versa.

But I digress…

If it’s November it’s time for report cards and teachers conferences and hearing what teachers have to say about your son including the fact that he currently is enjoying a 3.83 GPA.


So far 7th grade life is pretty fine. 3.83 fine.


learning the big secret

When you’re a Business major with emphasis on Event Planning and you are a part of the students’ Programming and Activities Board at your school you get to do some pretty cool things.

Like hang out with this guy…after you prepare the perfect cappuccino for him.

Follow what your head is telling you and work hard. That’s the big secret.

~ Joel McHale