family history

More than usual, my darling husband and I have had conversations with Daniel about adoption not unlike that conversation this past January. Some of it can be attributed to natural curiosity about who he is and where did he come from that comes with growing up and entering…



But given the conversations about real parents and real sisters…as opposed to the fake parents and fake sisters…I am thinking Daniel is having to endure the shiny, happy stupid that is some people’s perception of what adoption is all about. No, not his peers. It’s the shiny, happy and stupid that is their parents and other adults who influence their thinking.

Thank you shiny, happy people!

You’re welcome for the ear worm, too.

Don’t worry. Daniel is assured of the fact that I am really his mother, Bill is really his father and Hollie, Zoë, Abby, and Jodie are really his real sisters…in spite of the fact that he is adopted and in spite of what shiny, happy, stupid comes out of people’s mouths when they speak of adoption.

Which brings us to Multi-Cultural Week at Daniel’s school this week and what would he like to do for his family culture project. We could talk about Russia and all the things we learned about his biological ethnic origins thanks to Winter Games being held in Sochi, Russia this year.

“Why can’t I talk about my REAL family?”, he asks.

Truth be told, mom, his real mom, is far more interested in his biological cultural and ethnic roots than he is right now. So we begin to discuss the ethnic and cultural history of his real family. Daniel decides that he wants to talk about the origin of the Scarborough name and the Scarborough Castle because it’s kind of cool to have a real castle in your family’s history even if it isn’t really our castle.



promping v. 2014

If it’s Spring then it is time to promp again here under the Big Top. Such is the life of raising a family of five circus clowns growing up much, much too fast. Actually this will be the last promping time for awhile. I imagine that when Daniel is old enough and if he chooses to go to prom that it won’t be such a big deal as it is now…and truthfully my girls are much, much more low maintenance than some peers…thank goodness. Still, I won’t lie, I do live a little bit vicariously through my girls’ proms because that wasn’t one of those things I got to share with my Mommy Dearest even if I did have a boyfriend through high school…that dang “no-dancing-because-it-is-a-sin” thing that he and his family ascribed to.

Oh well.

But this year’s promping is again all about Jodie…her Senior Prom!

There was the dress shopping.

It MUST be a burden to be a hanger that every single dress one tries on looks absolutely perfect. I’m going to keep telling myself that. These were part of her top 4. Wait for it…the winner is coming.

But horrors! A monkey wrench in all the promping.

A tumbling mishap at dance earlier this week which she tried to tough it out until yesterday when she could scarcely lift her arm. That could be a problem. Xrays ruled out a broken clavicle but it was determined to be a sprain of ligaments connecting her clavicle to her shoulder joint so the good doctor recommended no dancing for a week and to wear a sling to keep her arm in a neutral position.

I know, first world problems.

Still, we pressed onward because it is promping time.

Who else would be doing hair and makeup besides big sister? Really?


Actually this is the only picture with the sling. We made a deal and yes, against medical advice, she went sling-less to the prom promising to be careful. I’m not worried. Her shoulder and collar bone are quite sore still and she has limited range of motion so there won’t be any throwing her hands up in the air because she can’t. Plus next weekend is a big dance competition so with the exception of tonight, she is motivated to follow doctor’s orders. Besides, this dress…

…with a sling?


Aren’t they cute?

They’re just friends which is okay because promping is so much more fun with friends.




homework help

Sometimes, when you find yourself stuck, you’ll take any help that you can get.

Word searches can be hard. I mean you can be staring and staring and not see that last word on the list even though it is literally right in front of you by the tip of your pencil. Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes helps.

I see a word…right here. Do you see it?

Glad I could help.


do good for the kindest and the sweetest

I hesitated for a moment sharing this but, well, it is a need that will not be met any other way.

iPad for Learning!

My students are excited to use technology in our classroom! When they see an iPad their faces light up!

My classroom consists of Mild/Moderate Special Education Students. They are the kindest, sweetest students. They make teaching such a joy!

My students have their own personal learning struggles in all academic areas, but try so hard to achieve. They strive to learn!

I would like to continue developing new learning centers in my classroom. Adding centers with iPads would be so exciting! Today’s students learn with technology and we need to keep up with the latest technology! The iPad center would offer a new way to develop language arts and math through the multitude of applications out there!

Adding an iPad to our classroom will make learning more exciting for my students. I know they will feel so proud to have a classroom with an iPad learning center. They will look forward to using the new technology daily.

Many of my students don’t have the resources at home to have Internet access, computers, or other technologies that could help them achieve. Having access in our classroom would give them academic benefits as well as exposure to technology they may not have at home.

This project will benefit Daniel’s class! If I was queen of the world, they would have an iPad Air for each one of the kindest and sweetest 4th, 5th and 6th graders that I know. Mrs. Bradshaw is truly a talented and passionate teacher with a heart for each and every one of her students. Yes, Daniel is fortunate enough to have access to technology at home but he is the minority in this special ed class at his school.  From now until Sunday, January 26 any donation will be 100% matched! The added bonus is all who do donate will receive personal thank yous from the kindest and sweetest students around…including Daniel.

I have shared in the past how it seems that the special ed class always seems to get what is left over and is often counted out. My readers came through years ago with a school fundraising project that won the special ed class the ice cream party…much to the surprise of the PTA. I would love to see something like that happen again except this time a couple of iPads in Mrs. Bradshaw’s class.

Thank you!