devoted caregiver

Sidelined the last five days with gastroenteritis, she has proven to be the most devoted caregiver always by my side.

It’s a sacrifice as you can see.

But one afternoon, home alone with just my devoted caregiver, I realized that the odds of her getting me something to drink is pretty much slim to none. So I stumble out of bed.

What are YOU doing out of bed, she demands with her glaring eyes.

Well, I don’t see you bringing me tea and toast, I hiss at her as I crawl back into bed.

Whatever, she snorts back.

True story.

She actually did snort as I said that to her while getting back into bed.



this week’s photo dump

Feeling lazy…fighting hard against Bill’s nasty cold that he picked up after our trip to Texas that everyone else is succumbing to…thinking that I have way too much to say and not really wanting to say much of anything at all…I’m just going to dump another slide show on y’all.

Yes, I’m running more again and I am thinking seriously about running the Modesto Half…the one I couldn’t run three years ago. No, I still don’t have a place to hang all those race medals from all of those other half marathons that I ran three or four years ago. But I do have these new, sweet compression tights which proved to be AMAZING on their inaugural 5 miler.

Yes, I am THAT mom who sent her son to school with mismatched socks. In my defense, it was Spirit Week and yes, one day was Mismatched Socks Day.

But the next day was NOT Dirty Face and Un-brushed Teeth Day. Twelve is such a wonderful, kind of scummy age. Yes, I am THAT mom who didn’t notice this until he leaned over to kiss me goodbye at the drop-off. I don’t imagine that he will forgive me for the spit bath I gave him anytime soon. That’s okay.

Halloween came the next day and that trauma was soon forgotten. This happens to be the first year where an older sister wasn’t using him as her trick or treat beard…er, I mean volunteering to take him trick or treating which meant even more candy for him and his new neighbor and friend here. Do you know how awesome it is to have a friend your age living on your street and who likes doing the same things you do? Daniel says it is definitely awesome.

And while Daniel was haunting the neighborhood, some sisters were busy making adventures of their own.

Nieces too.

Fallon’s very first flight, from San Francisco to Atlanta.

Where she and Hazel rocked it as the flower girls.


Meanwhile, you know that Halloween drinking game everyone was playing this year?

Major fail here under The Big Top.

Two Elsas and one Anna.

A good thing since I voted while passing out candy.

Then there was the end to Daylight Saving for this year. For some of us it was hard…really hard!

As for me, driving home from SFO late tonight, after picking up my daughter, her husband and their wonderful, little flower girls, I am thankful for that extra hour. Yes, as a matter of fact, there is wine in that cup.




belonging to

Darling Husband: You know how when Ginger was alive I pretty much belonged to her?

Me: Yes.

Darling Husband: Well, it looks like she has claimed you as hers.

Yes pretty much true.

I won’t lie, I did enjoy her cuddling up with me the last few days while I was sidelined with a pretty nasty sinus infection. With all that snot going on, no one else really wanted to hang out with me. I imagine that yes, I am beginning the slow, downward spiral to becoming a cat lady. As long as Zelda has my undivided attention…and lap… she’s pretty much okay with that.


I recently saw an interview with Trista Sutter of Bachelorette fame that struck a chord in my heart. Wait. Don’t judge. No, I am not a fan of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. Don’t judge that either, okay? Still, what Trista Sutter had to share was inspiring, uplifting, so positive and I thought that yes, I could use more of that kind of thinking in my life.

Every day on social media I post my favorite part of the day (#favpartofday) as a way to focus on the positive and think about the good things, especially if it was a not so great part of the day, I just want to be able to put something out into the universe that inspires people.

Yes. This.

No, I don’t pretend to think that I am going to inspire the masses; but I do hope to perhaps to inspire me and help me focus more on the positive and the good…especially when it has been a not so great day…or even a shitty day. And so I have been trying to post every day…mostly every day, my favorite part of the day…counting my blessings.

Today’s favorite part of my day…

Meeting this lovely for the very first time. Welcome to the world and the neighborhood Miss Eden Louise! Anytime your mommy needs her hands free I am more than willing to hold you…just saying…

But this…

This, on the other hand was NOT my favorite part of the day. Yes, even if he can tell me, “I think I need a breathing treatment.” or play calmly with his Legos the whole time. Yes, this is not a favorite of mine.

Please, oh please colds and flu bugs stay away!

play it again: where your freedom to choose hurts

Still not apologizing. Vaccinate your kids!

Originally published June 12, 2013

With no apology whatsoever, I am about to piss off a community of parents…the anti-vaxxers, and I don’t really care. Yes, of course you as the parent have the right to make an informed decision about the health and welfare of your child because you are the parent. I chose to breast feed. I chose to use cloth diapers. I chose to not circumcise. I chose to delay the start of kindergarten for two of my children and started another when she was 4 years old. All of these were decisions that my husband and I made as parents after careful thought and discussion…as parents do. And not one of these parenting decisions has affected the health and welfare of another person. Now a parent can choose to not vaccinate their children. That’s their choice. Unfortunately that choice can and often does affect the health and welfare of others around them…at their schools, playgroups, churches and random encounters with total strangers.

I’ve seen the consequences of this personal parenting choice too many times as an RN in the NICU. Nothing is more heartbreaking than watching a newborn infant fight for their life from a infectious childhood disease that can be totally preventable. It’s even more gut wrenching to be at that bedside with a grief-stricken parent who never would have imagined their thoughtful parenting choice would harm one of their own children, when they are the most vulnerable.

It’s sad.

It’s tragic.

But now it is personal.

Fallon has Rubella, also known as German measles. She has yet to have received her MMR vaccine because at her 15 month pedi visit, she was sick so the doctor suggested to wait until her 18 month visit which would have been right about now, now when she is sick. So where in the world could she have picked up this lovely virus? Given the incubation period and the fact that we know no one in Fallon’s circle who is sick with this we track back to that dance competition in Davis where anyone could have been unknowingly coughing and sneezing and talking and spreading little Rubella viruses everywhere. Not a big deal for the majority of the people there who were likely vaccinated against Rubella or, like me, had Rubella.

Your Rubella droplets can’t hurt us!

But what about an infant or young toddler who isn’t vaccinated? Or perhaps a woman who is pregnant? What about her vulnerable unborn baby?

Looking at my sweet grand baby covered in an uncomfortable rash and thinking about Hollie’s newly pregnant friend who was unwittingly exposed, I say your argument is invalid.