do good for the kindest and the sweetest

I hesitated for a moment sharing this but, well, it is a need that will not be met any other way.

iPad for Learning!

My students are excited to use technology in our classroom! When they see an iPad their faces light up!

My classroom consists of Mild/Moderate Special Education Students. They are the kindest, sweetest students. They make teaching such a joy!

My students have their own personal learning struggles in all academic areas, but try so hard to achieve. They strive to learn!

I would like to continue developing new learning centers in my classroom. Adding centers with iPads would be so exciting! Today’s students learn with technology and we need to keep up with the latest technology! The iPad center would offer a new way to develop language arts and math through the multitude of applications out there!

Adding an iPad to our classroom will make learning more exciting for my students. I know they will feel so proud to have a classroom with an iPad learning center. They will look forward to using the new technology daily.

Many of my students don’t have the resources at home to have Internet access, computers, or other technologies that could help them achieve. Having access in our classroom would give them academic benefits as well as exposure to technology they may not have at home.

This project will benefit Daniel’s class! If I was queen of the world, they would have an iPad Air for each one of the kindest and sweetest 4th, 5th and 6th graders that I know. Mrs. Bradshaw is truly a talented and passionate teacher with a heart for each and every one of her students. Yes, Daniel is fortunate enough to have access to technology at home but he is the minority in this special ed class at his school.  From now until Sunday, January 26 any donation will be 100% matched! The added bonus is all who do donate will receive personal thank yous from the kindest and sweetest students around…including Daniel.

I have shared in the past how it seems that the special ed class always seems to get what is left over and is often counted out. My readers came through years ago with a school fundraising project that won the special ed class the ice cream party…much to the surprise of the PTA. I would love to see something like that happen again except this time a couple of iPads in Mrs. Bradshaw’s class.

Thank you!

play it again: ornaments

After an encounter yesterday at the dance studio with another child demanding to know “What’s wrong with him?”, referring to my son patiently waiting for his sister to be done with her dance rehearsal, I found myself considering two things: a- to take the little hellion darling out and teach her a thing or two about grace and manners because clearly someone else isn’t; b- try to be patient with the little hellion darling even if she is behaving horribly rude to my child. I chose “b” and I won’t lie, it was excruciatingly difficult until this morning when I discovered that the little hellion darling is my daughter’s buddy on the competition team. Oh you sweet little girl…bless your darling, little heart! Yes, I just said that in my best Southern accent. In all seriousness, I do hope that she will (like the rest of Jodie’s team and everyone else at the studio has) come to appreciate just how awesome and magical Jodie’s little brother is.

This post was originally published December 1, 2011.

a paragraph by Daniel, third grade:

Today I hung my Christmas ornaments on the Christmas tree. I have twenty six ornaments. Mom keeps them in a box for me. My favorite is an airplane.

Every year for Christmas I give each of the kids an ornament to add to their own collection that someday they can take for their very own Christmas tree in their own home. Added to that collection are other ornaments they have received as gifts and ornaments they have made through the years. For Christmas 2008, I gave Daniel an airplane ornament to remember his very first ride on an airplane. It was magical, very magical.

At school every week he is expected to write a paragraph of three or more sentences about any subject that he wants to write about. He pretty much always struggles with coming up with a topic…and then sentences. Sorry, but writing definitely does not come to him easily like math does for him! But this week, after hanging his ornaments on the tree, he had no trouble at all deciding what he wanted to write about.  Just like his first ride on an airplane, it was magical watching him write this paragraph. Almost as magical as it was to watch him admire and remember all twenty six ornaments that belong to him…magical! Almost as magical as he is.


He is!


Just in case you might have missed my shameless Mommy-bragging all over social media. And because I can’t help but super proud, again. And because I just have to celebrate, again.



And just like last Spring, in 4th grade, this kid worked his butt off to earn that honor roll. Kudos his pretty kick-ass teachers too, especially his mainstream class teacher who emailed me earlier in the year when Daniel had a solid D in one subject asking if we could amend his IEP a little so that Daniel could succeed. His teacher also carved out a little extra time to work with him a little one on one too. The result was Daniel brought that D up to a B.

This kid.


NaPhoPoMo day 13


Everyone and everything is missing Daniel here under the Big Top.

Even his bed, covered with his bedtime friends…yes, he sleeps with ALL of them…seems so forlorn.

I’m being pitiful, I know. This isn’t the first time I have sent a kid of mine off to science camp. I missed them all too…very much. Yes, I just wrote that for them because they do read this blog regularly. But yes, I did miss them all a lot when they were away. But I was certain that they were just fine…having fun…probably not missing me at all.

And yes, I just recently put Daniel on a plane alone to spend a week with his sister in LA as well as sent him a few times to spend time with his Auntie Toni in Capitola. But those were different. He was with family. He was guaranteed as many hugs and kisses as he needed anytime. He was with people who loved him because of his little quirks whether we understand them or not.

This time is different.


Of course the school’s attendance office calling the other day to inform me that my son was absent from school didn’t help. Not at all. I mean, yes, he was absent from school because he was with the rest of his fifth grade class, some of the fifth grade teachers and his school principal at science camp. Thank you for raising my blood pressure just a little and making me want to call the camp to make sure my child was okay and there at science camp. That’s exactly what I needed.

I didn’t call.

We won’t talk about how hard it was for me not to call.

He’s fine.

He’s having fun.

He’s coming home tomorrow.

He’ll probably be so much more grown up too…just like his sisters were.

NaPhoPoMo day 7