promping v. 2014

If it’s Spring then it is time to promp again here under the Big Top. Such is the life of raising a family of five circus clowns growing up much, much too fast. Actually this will be the last promping time for awhile. I imagine that when Daniel is old enough and if he chooses to go to prom that it won’t be such a big deal as it is now…and truthfully my girls are much, much more low maintenance than some peers…thank goodness. Still, I won’t lie, I do live a little bit vicariously through my girls’ proms because that wasn’t one of those things I got to share with my Mommy Dearest even if I did have a boyfriend through high school…that dang “no-dancing-because-it-is-a-sin” thing that he and his family ascribed to.

Oh well.

But this year’s promping is again all about Jodie…her Senior Prom!

There was the dress shopping.

It MUST be a burden to be a hanger that every single dress one tries on looks absolutely perfect. I’m going to keep telling myself that. These were part of her top 4. Wait for it…the winner is coming.

But horrors! A monkey wrench in all the promping.

A tumbling mishap at dance earlier this week which she tried to tough it out until yesterday when she could scarcely lift her arm. That could be a problem. Xrays ruled out a broken clavicle but it was determined to be a sprain of ligaments connecting her clavicle to her shoulder joint so the good doctor recommended no dancing for a week and to wear a sling to keep her arm in a neutral position.

I know, first world problems.

Still, we pressed onward because it is promping time.

Who else would be doing hair and makeup besides big sister? Really?


Actually this is the only picture with the sling. We made a deal and yes, against medical advice, she went sling-less to the prom promising to be careful. I’m not worried. Her shoulder and collar bone are quite sore still and she has limited range of motion so there won’t be any throwing her hands up in the air because she can’t. Plus next weekend is a big dance competition so with the exception of tonight, she is motivated to follow doctor’s orders. Besides, this dress…

…with a sling?


Aren’t they cute?

They’re just friends which is okay because promping is so much more fun with friends.




nobody died but we did go to heaven

How many times since last week have you clicked over to here and found nothing new.



I’m sorry.

I could say that nothing much has been going on here under the Big Top but no, that isn’t true. I mean, large family equals there is ALWAYS something going on in this circus of mine. But honestly, how exciting and entertaining can blurry pictures and tales of Daniel discovering over Spring Break that there is a LEGO STORE that sells NOTHING BUT LEGOS just an hour’s drive from here. Actually it was very exciting…heart-racing exciting and the cherry on top was when the store clerk told Daniel that the cool thing about Legos is you can still play with them when you’re an old guy like him at 25 and get a cool job in the Lego Store.

Yes, my darling boy pretty much had died and gone to Lego Heaven.

Right before we entered the satellite of the Lego Mother Ship is the only photo I managed to get. Yes, another selfie.

fresh taps

Only a dancer can appreciate how beautiful a brand new pair of tap shoes are fresh out of the box.

Well, the parent of a dancer can appreciate it too…after she is done grousing about what a pain in the butt it has suddenly become to find this certain type of black jazz flexed sole tap shoes…especially for children with tiny, narrow feet.

But that’s another story.

I think that this just might be the last pair of tap shoes that I bought for Jodie.


I warned y’all that this will likely be a season of lasts.


We shall see.

The first competition of the season went fairly well. Yes, there was a little drama, a lot of stress, hugs, kisses and a few tears but up on that stage our Dance Stars shined.

And the Dance Mom/Mima of these two stars couldn’t ask for anything more.

Now if we could just get over our after-competition-hangover with a little lost-hour-thank-you-Daylight-Savings stirred in for good measure. Thank goodness for Spring Break and staycation!


on the first week of summer vacation my mommy gave to me…

Title of this blog post should be sung to the tune of Twelve Days of Christmas if you choose.

On the first week of summer vacation mommy gave…

her nasty, raging, snotty cold that for her became a pretty bad sinus infection. Really I tried not to share my sickie germs with anyone. I washed my hands raw…as a NICU nurse does. I quarantined myself as much as possible yet five members of my circus act managed to get sick and were in a pretty bad way over the Memorial Day weekend. They’re blaming me…of course they are. Never mind that it seems that pretty much everyone here in my neck of the woods is suffering from the colds and flu season’s last gasp of just one more nasty virus. This, my friends, is all on me as far as my clowns are concerned.



Last week under the Big Top it was hot. It was hotter than it usually is or expected to be the first week of May with temps in the 90s nearing the century mark. Yes, I am well aware that in other parts of the country people were shoveling snow…in May!

I know!

I’m sorry.

Unfortunately I can’t control the weather. It is not part of my job description as the master juggler around here…no matter what my kids might think.

Still I did my best to keep the Big Top cool. Hurray for the window tint I got for my birthday. It worked…it really worked!!! I also, after careful research…which came after discussing it with the wise folks on Twitter, changed the direction in which all of our ceiling fans were turning.

Counter clockwise was the overwhelming consensus that a fan must turn in order to produce a cooling wind chill effect by the downward air flow.

As predicted it did not change the thermostat but the living room and kitchen area, as well as the bedrooms did indeed seem to be significantly cooler…oh, and I didn’t have to turn on the ac until the day we hit the century mark last Thursday late afternoon. I liked that. I liked that a lot.

And my circus clowns came home all week to a nice, cool Big Top after their long days at work, school, dance, Krav Maga and Tae Kwon Do.

Saving energy and keeping the Big Top comfortably cool; I win!

Thankfully, by Sunday there was a change in the weather and this week has brought temperatures that are 20-30 degrees cooler along with cool evening Delta breezes. As it should be here in the merry month of May. It is then that my darling husband wonders out loud if we should turn on the ac because he is hot.

Close the blinds and open the windows and let the breezes in, honey. It is only 75° outside.

But I’m hot!

Oh for goodness sake! (opening some windows and closing the blinds to block the setting sun)

Then looking up I notice that the ceiling fan is now turning clockwise.

Um, honey?


Did you change the direction of the fan?

Yeah. I changed them all. They’re going in the wrong direction.

Um, no! I checked. They are supposed to be counter clockwise to cool the house more efficiently.

No, they are supposed to be clockwise in the warm months. I’ve got this.

No. Seriously honey, I did some research on this. In order to cool the house more efficiently and decrease our ac usage…AND save on our energy bill, the fans need to be turning counter clockwise. It helps to cool the whole room so we all can enjoy it.

When the fan turns clockwise it isn’t cooling the whole room. It does however seem to create a mini tornado under YOUR chair when you turn the fan up to high.

As it should be.

No, it should not be that way. Look, I’m just trying to save us a little off of our energy bill. It is crazy during the summer months and every little thing helps.

Fine! (he gets the step ladder and proceeds to change all of the fans directions back to counter clockwise)

A few hours later…

You know, I have been doing my OWN research and the direction the fan has nothing to do with cooling the room. It is how the blades are angled.

And so now the fans are turning clockwise…for now.

The moral of the story is it would seem that married couples are always arguing about directions.

So…what direction is your ceiling fan turning?