the job that ate my brain

Years and years ago when I started working at GSH, I was amused by the poster in my then CNS’ office. It depicted this glassy eyed soul in black and white with the caption “The job that ate my brain”. It looked like one of those old B horror flicks like one sees or at least used to see when dinosaurs roamed the Earth as my girls would say.
Well, it has happened….my job has finally eaten my brain! Being a Level III NICU (which means we care for the smallest and the sickest of newborns) we get a lot of referrals from outlying hospitals in over an 150 mile radius. We see a lot of patients whose families don’t speak nor understand a word of English. How scary and frustrating it must be to be scared and worried about one’s baby and not be able to communicate with those who are caring for your baby. I understand the fear and concern being on that side of the bed with Daniel and I can’t imagine not being able to know what the heck is going on and if everything will be all right.
We have several docs and nurses who are bilingual and multilingual….me, I’m not one of them. Those who are get burnt out quickly on being pulled away from their patients and tasks to translate for folks like me. So recently we got this system called cirrus which connects us by phone to a translator. IT is better than no communication. In order to access it we need to hook up a double handset to our phone after disconnecting the phone’s standard handset as well as a series of codes and pin numbers we put in after dialing.
So Sunday morning, I am doing exactly that and preparing to have a lengthy phone conversation with my patient’s mom and translator. It took about 45 minutes for us to get through all the discharge teaching, instructions, followup appointments, etc and any questions she might have before she finally gets to take her baby home. It is all tedious and exciting at the same time. After concluding the call and having mom sign the paperwork to get out of this place, I disconnect the double handset and see that my handset is gone. I know I put it on my patient’s table but now it is gone….I mean it is really gone. I’m looking everywhere for this silly thing. I actually kept on looking throughout my shift which ended up being a double shift. Nope, it was gone. I lost the handset to my phone.
The secretary got a kick out of me and my feeble mind teasing me I will have to replace that thing (kidding….I think LOL) and that she prolly will have to ask for a deposit the next time I use the double handset…..I wonder if she will take my first born?
If I am becoming feeble minded it is happening sooner than expected because this job has consumed my brain! Too much bs with hospital policies, management that doesn’t know jack about the NICU because they’ve never worked in one, and on and on and on. I LOVE what I do but GOD I can’t stand all the crap that sucks the life out of you as it takes you away from the bedside. I bet my boss has it…..I can see it now, she came in from her day of lunching in the City or brunch and shopping at Santana Row just to hide my phone and drive me insane….naaaaahhh….I’m sure she has underlings to do that. Puhleeeeze!!!! My manager come in on a Sunday? I have to blame someone. It may as well be the sender of all useless-tell-me-something-I-didn’t-already-know-emails. I know, the target is too easy! But it makes me smile.
In the meantime, I hope that sweet little princess and family are enjoying being reunited and, if mom is lucky, princess is sleeping as I type this. đŸ˜‰
I’m off to bed now for a short nap before my day starts again here. Hopefully a little sleep will preserve any residual brain cells I might still have.