Hi Mom!!

Picking up Abby from cheer practice tonight, we got the good word that a film crew was there filming the varsity cheerleaders practicing. Don’t get too excited. It was a local cable access show…..party on Wayne, party on Garth! ……..We have Dish Network so we don’t have access to this show.

Can you guess who will be sucking up to the cheer moms who do have cable access this week?

Abby was interviewed and filmed as she was “flying”. She even managed a wave and a “hi mom!” to the camera when she came in for a landing.

Bill noted it seems ironic to him that all athletes will wave and shout out “hi mom!” when the camera is pointed in their general direction. He went on to remark that the irony is it is the DAD who takes the kid to practice, paces the sidelines, tosses the ball at home and so on and so on…..

Um, yeah, sure honey.

This is cheerleading, which, btw, we all have learned IS a sport. Abby needed to perfect her splits. Who was it who worked with her on that one…..the parent who CAN do the splits. Abby needed to accomplish a scorpion pose. Which parent pulled out the yoga dvd’s to help the girl warm up and work on her flexibility so she could do a scorpion?

He still maintains that he is there at every game, working the snack shack barbecuing polish sausages…..and I am the one who has made it to only ONE game……whatever…..

It is then that I pull out my ace in the hole…..I carried that girl for 8 months inside of me and I endured 16 hours of back labor all for Abigael Rose. I was ready with the two years of breast feeding, sore nipples and post partum depression card just in case but Daddy backed off.

Damn those childbirth cards! They win everytime.


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