potty training wars

I have to say it…
You know what really sucks?
Attempting to potty train a stubborn little boy and an equally stubborn puppy at the same time!
I have never cleaned up so many accidents.
I swear they have put their cute little heads together and are conspiring against me.
Yes, you may laugh at me, I know you want to. Go ahead. Laugh out loud. That’s it. Get it out of your system. Feel better now?
Now help me clean up this mess on the carpet!


8 thoughts on “potty training wars

  1. hehehe. I have no advice, Sarah potty trained kind of on her own. ( I know shoot me now). Umm, threats? bribes? knowledge that he might not wear diapers to college?
    Good luck!

  2. Oh my gosh! That is a lot to take on at the same time! I’ll be interested to see who is potty trained first, ha ha. Good luck

  3. LOL oh my. Training ONE is bad enough, but TWO! arghhh

    Good luck, hope your sanity holds out hehe :=)

  4. Potty Training is hard…

    And between the dog and the boy, well, I feel ya!!!

    Good luck 🙂


  5. ROTFLOL!!!
    I can safely do this now, but I might not be laughing so heartily myself in a year or two…. 😉

  6. Hang in there, they’ll get it…eventually!

    It’s a blessing and a curse, potty training. You’re free of diapers, but then the new most-dreaded words to hear while you are a) just a little too far to go back home b) furthest corner of the store from the bathroom c)in the middle of nowhere: “I have to go potty.” Nothing makes you pull over faster. LOL

  7. I feel your pain! Tyler wears regular underpants until he needs to poop. Then he asks for a pull up. His doctor told us not to push and that we would make the switch when he was ready. Um…yeah. I’m a little tired of cleaning up poop! Well! Who knew it would take a stomach virus to get things moving in the right direction. He sharted on the sofa (fart with an extra surprise) and it freaked him out soooo much (he was naked at the time). I remained calm and told him to run quick and sit on the potty until I had a chance to clean the sofa. Then I’d come and clean him too. He scampered off and next thing I know he is screaming in triumph from the bathroom. He pooped in the potty! Woo hoo!!! And he’s been doing it ever since…for 2 days now. I am praying it continues when this virus passes and he’s back to solid waste. I hope I hope I hope. Let little Daniel run around nude. That sure worked for Tyler, as far as the peeing part goes.

  8. Oh I will not laugh at you. I have an equally stubborn 2 and 3/4 year old daughter who would rather die than get on the toilet and pee or poop! ARGH! you have my sympathy!

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