I still care

Yes, I know I have been somewhat neglectful of this blog of mine.
My laptop is still out of commission and somewhere between
the Geek Squad and Gateway which means I have to share the family computer with my circus clowns. That usually means I must choose between sleep and logging on and frankly I selfishly choose sleep.
No laptop also means that other pending projects are still not done around here.
Have you seen that
Turbo Tax commercial where the lady screams at the poor man who asks her what time is it? That is me. Yes, my taxes STILL aren’t done. They were nearly complete on the hard drive. Thank goodness Bill had the forethought to take my hard drive out of the laptop before we sent it off to repairs! Still I had to wait until the family computer was de-bugged. I also had to wait on Bill gathering and adding up all of his realtor receipts. So now they must be done as time is running out isn’t it?
I also have a project for work that is due by April 15th. At least the family computer is de-bugged and I have a few free days. So I have pulled rank with these clowns and am taking over the computer. Their MySpaces computer games will just have to wait.

I also have been busy getting information and advice from acquaintances who happen to be breast cancer survivors about doctors around here. I have yet to hear the final report on the repeat mammogram and ultrasound results but I did see the films, remember. The lovely lady lump is still very much there. I just need to get the final report and my films before I can schedule an appointment for a second opinion. I hate waiting…and stressing.

I would much rather go back to Color Me Mine and paint another plate or something. There is something Zen in doing this. I felt so relaxed. But I have things to do and I really need to stop procrastinating. Blog with you later.