my dance star

My baby girl is a tappin’, jazz-dancin’ STAR!
Oh yes, I am so proud of her. I would say she takes after me but I am pretty certain that I have already confessed here to having no grace whatsoever.
Okay, she did get those fabulous cheekbones and long limbs from me.
She is currently basking in the recital after-glow.
I imagine that she is also relieved that I am not an over the top stage mom; although I do confess to being a wee bit miffed that they misspelled her name twice in the program. I did learn two new creative ways to muck up the family name though.
Oh well, next season and (gulp) competition dance will be here soon enough. I’m sure they’ll get the name right by then.

Jodie and DCS owner and director, Harmony Flores, aka Miss Harmony.