eau de baby puke, snot and poop

Steph asks:
How many times can/should you wear an outfit before washing it, provided it has been pooped, pee’d or puked on and why?

Oh those are the best of times aren’t they?

Doesn’t it always seem to be the nicer clothes that this happens to?
I learned, especially thanks to Daniel’s wicked reflux and dislodged tube feedings to always carry lots of burp cloths. I usually got nailed by my little darlings (Holly and Daniel) in situations where changing my clothes just wasn’t going to happen. I learned to just have a sense of humor about it because what else can I do with baby puke and poopies? One bonus to being covered in your baby’s puke, snot and poop is you have great ammo for embarrassing your kids when they are older and oh-so-cool.
Now in a NICU setting, it is a whole ‘nother story. Body fluids are bad, bad, bad and that is why I change into another set of surgical scrubs. At least that isn’t laundry I have to deal with.

I’m blogging for good all day.