Weekend Assignment #182: My animal twin

John Scalzi writes:

Ready for some funky self-introspection? Then here is the week’s Weekend Assignment:

Weekend Assignment #182: Compare yourself to the animal whose best-known traits are most like your own personality. Note this isn’t “what animal would you like to be?” but is instead “what animal is most like you?” Also, don’t be too worried if you identification is not totally biologically exact; listing your similarities based on the general cultural impression of the animal is fine, too. We’re not doing science here, after all; we’ve doing end-of-the-week diversions.

What animal is most like me?
This one!

Ginger, the bitch~kitty and I are alike so much it’s scary.
Except I don’t throw kitty litter…
and I don’t bite Bill when he pets me…
and I don’t yack up my food after I eat it.
But other than that, we are an awful lot alike. We are both smart and temperamental. Sleeping is one of our favorite things to do. Bill loves us both although I am pretty certain that he loves me more. At least he loved me first!

Extra credit: Would you want to own the animal you identify with?

Own Ginger, the bitch~kitty?
No one owns her. She chooses to live here under the Big Top.