All is right with my little blogging world!

Yes, I am that shallow.

But please don’t fault me too much. A girl like me just can’t help it. I have grown accustomed to your visits. Like any other blogger (who is willing to admit it) I find myself planning on blog posts on a day to day basis. I imagine that you too will be amused or righteously indignant over the latest adventure here under the Big Top. My darling husband and my circus clowns narrow their eyes as they point accusing fingers and declare that I m planning on blogging this moment under the Big Top. I can’t believe that I have become that transparent.

Still just one evening here at the new Big Top site and I find that I have visitors. Oh it is so wonderful to have you here! It’s like having the welcome wagon here ready to help me feel at home. Thank you for finding me and following me over here!

Still as I am arranging the furniture, putting away the dishes and hanging the pictures around here, I find myself wanting to go back to visit my old home. It’s my nature I guess. I still drive by our old house in San Jose. I must confess here that I am so disappointed that the current resident chopped down the mulberry tree in front of the old house. I bet they regretted it on the first hot summer day. The Blogger site will remain for a bit just in case my bitch~kitty decides to go back or I discover that I forgot something. I always forget something, you know. It’s all part of the adventure of moving for me.

Meanwhile there is plenty of other things to distract me and inspire me: returning my new Fendi glasses, the Pumpkin Fair and photographing it for a local business (squee!!), working at Dell’Osso Farms Pumpkin Maze to raise $$ for my cheerleader and tiny dancer, and working extra hours to pay for an outrageous cell phone bill…2000 texts this month?…$700??…WTF? I thought we had a FamilySharePlan! Kid I have to tell you that thank God He made you cute.

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3 thoughts on “sigh!

  1. I’m here… I’m here…

    And $700 for a cell phone bill? I thought I was complaining when we went over and had to pay $400… who was she text messaging? Her BFF Jill 😉

    gawd, I love those commercials … lol

    I want to go to Dell Osso… maybe we’ll have to work up a visit for there???? Its been ages since we’ve seen each other!!

  2. Would you believe Tyler is asking for his own cell phone ALREADY?!?! He’s frickin 5! I said “Who the heck are you gonna call??” He says, “My best friend Ethan. I know his phone number, you know. And grandma.” Wise guy. LOL! I will need one of those plans with unlimited text messaging. I just know it.

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