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Welcome to a very special edition of Carnival of Family Life!

It’s a special time here under the Big Top. Naturally the holidays are a big part of all that but also this week we are celebrating a milestone. Twenty-one years ago today I was 41 weeks pregnant, 100% effaced and dilated 4 centimeters but not contracting at all. Needless to say I was wondering why the heck this crazy kid wouldn’t come out. Even back then, Miss Holly Austa had a mind of her own and it certainly didn’t agree with my plans. Miss Holly Austa decided to make her grand entrance two days later after a little bit of encouragement from my obstetrician. I was fortunate enough to have a very easy labor and delivery of a baby who took to breastfeeding without a hitch and who pretty much followed the What To Expect series on baby care chapter and verse. Because of that, I actually thought I knew what I was doing. Man, I had this mommy thing dow-ownnn! Who needed the advice of those who have come before me.

And then I brought my darling daughter home from the hospital and had to feed her, bathe her, rock her to sleep, play with her, feed her, discipline her, potty train her. It got even harder as she learned to walk and talk. Two decades later, I find myself still trying to figure this mommy thing out. I sometimes poke fun at the parenting wisdom my future grandchild’s mama offers but only because I remember how much I thought I knew when I first brought her home from the hospital. If I had only listened to some of the advice offered to me way back then.

In honor of Holly’s twenty-first birthday and her impending motherhood, I offer this Carnival chock full of great parenting advice, encouragement and admonitions for now and for later from the very best of mommy and daddy bloggers.

Helene Zemel presents The Family That Plays Together Stays Together.

Nina Smith presents Stepping Off Infertility Treadmill: Lesbians Consider Adoption where we learn that the decision to become a parent isn’t always so easy. Sometimes we experience disappointment, frustration and pain.

Jennifer offeres insights and advice on teaching our children about money in What Will We Teach Your Child About Money? This a big challenge especially in the day where so many of our children’s peers (and our children as well) are so good at spending money…their parents money, that is.

Suzanne offers up some advice for dealing with Seborrheic Dermatitis aka Cradle Cap. My own advice to Holly would be please check with your pediatrician before using any of these preparations on your newborn’s scalp.

Karen Patrick offers a cute, cute, cute gift idea for parents of little babies in The Pitter Patter of Little Feet.

While it is Holly’s job right now to grow out of her cute, little size 1 skinny jeans, I imagine she will be anxious to get back to her pre-pregancy size soon after the baby is born…I know that I was/am! So with that in mind, Sagar presents Negative Calories: 15 Foods That Actually Burn More Calories Than They Contain.

Rose advises, “We have to make sure we are not substituting medication for interaction with our children.” in How to Properly Drug Your Preschooler…What Will They Think of Next?

Henry Cate provides an update on their experience with doing foster care, and wonders how effective is it really in The Ambulance in the Valley.

Madeline Begun Kane offers a little humor in how to deal with a loud, boisterous child in One of These Days I’ll Actually Say This.

Batya offers some holiday fun for the whole family in New Version of Potato Latkes.

Because pretty much all brand new parents hope to not make the same mistakes their parents might have made, Changeyourtree offers some insight in Is Your Family Tree Being Poisoned?

It has been said in the world of theater one should never work with children or animals and it would seem to be true according to Seabird’s account of Sheep In Need of A Shepherd.

Grrlscientist presents The Gift of Giving where she discovers that surprisingly, gift-giving often provides more benefits for the giver that the recipient.

Because sleep deprivation is often the reality for most parents, Tupelo Kenyon offers Consciously Programming Your Subconscious Mind Before Sleep to help us all.

Before Holly begins to prepare the nursery and baby layette wish list, Four Pillars offers Buy Buy Baby- book review that discusses the idea that expensive “educational” toys are anything but.

Jenny asks Do You Remember Barbies and shares her wishes of sharing them with her baby someday. Alas, Holly did not hang on to any of her Barbies should she wish to share with her own baby, be it a girl or a boy.

Amanda offers up some help with baby names with Unique Baby Names. Of course Holly and I have discussed this one a bit.

In The Biggest Loser, WhatWorksForUs actually is seeking her own advice on board games.

The best way to learn how to talk to your kids is probably to start at the very beginning. Warren Wong offers his own advice in Conversation Skills/Tips: How to Have a Good Conversation.

MomG tackles the tough question of how teach a toddler the concept of life and death in Why Do Roses Die?

While much of the United States is shivering and digging out of massive amounts of ice and snow, Grace has to reminds u that In This Part of the World, We Don’t Shiver.

Meanwhile, back in the part of the world that is shivering, Summer offers up a fun winter craft idea in It’s Snowing Inside Too!

MlnTheGap presents a question that deals with gratitude and graciousness during the holidays in What Do You Do With A Gift That You Don’t Want?

Head lice! Ugh! They haven’t showed up here under the Big Top…yet! But if they did Aparna offers home remedies for dealing with those little buggers in Beauty and Personal Grooming: Get Rid of Head Lice With These Home Remedies.

A child’s first teacher is his or her parent. Abel Cheng offers some advice for young parents in Toddler Games and Activities to Teach Your Child Science and Nature.

Carol Holder steps up on her parenting soap box and makes what might seem to some to be an unpopular choice for her daughter in Is Makeup Harmless? But she is the mom, so she gets to decide what is best for her young daughter, even if it might seem hardcore to some. It would seem that she made the right choice.

Louise Manning offers up a list of Famous and Infamous RedHeads that I read with great interest as a redhead myself. I don’t see my name on that list but, perhaps, someday my grandchild might be on that list. I’m just saying it could happen.

I’m actually done with my holiday shopping but Veteran Military Wife offers up some fresh gift ideas in Running Out of Gift Ideas?

HistoryIsElementary offers up Two Very Different Homecomings for Thanksgiving which considers the joy and the sorrow of two grown children in her life and their different homecomings.

Like most first time expectant parents, Holly is on a very tight budget so Pinyo Bhulipongsanon’s advice for Ten Preparing for Baby Tips for the Frugal-Minded is timely advice.

While experts (and this 1962-born child) might disagree on the actual time frame of the Baby Boomer Generation it is true that this generation is the true Transition Generation. Cathy presents The Transition Generation 1946-1964. Perhaps I might have something in common with Boomers once this grandbaby arrives.

Terri Mauro presents The Ransom Notes and Disability Metaphors which gives a picture of how mentally disabled children are trapped in their disability.

Lynnae reminds us that Your Children Are Watching What You Are Teaching even when it comes to our personal finances.

Jaimie reminds us again that what your child wants and what you think is right is sometimes a tightrope walk in When Your Child Loves It But You Do Not.

PaidTwice reminds us that sometimes the best way to deal with temptation is to avoid it altogether in Avoid Target At All Costs.

Kevin Heath offers up the Best Websites for Kids.

As parents we sometimes get hung up on what we got done today rather than the work we do everyday caring for and bringing up our children. Thankfully, SingForHim reminds us of all that we do everyday in What Did You Get Done Today.

Just when one comes to the conclusion that there is no Christmas Spirit out in the world, Kyle James finds it in Walmart in Christmas Brings Out the Best in People, Even at Walmart.

Anmol Mehta reminds us all that our own good nutrition is the very best way to make a baby in How To Make a Baby the Right Way- Ayurvedic Diet and Nutrition.

HowToMe offers up a cute kid-friendly craft idea in How To Make Lacing Cards, for Free.

Who knew that batteries are not included in snow globes? Renae is pondering the same question in Searching For Snow Globes.

With colds and flu season upon us all, Zamejias offers up and idea of what to do with those empty tissue boxes in Recycle Tissue Box.

And the crafts and holiday gift ideas keep on coming thanks to Summer who shares her Pretty Pretties with us all.

Miscellaneous Mum shares a bit of home improvement in Calling Mars to Be Our New Home.

Just in case you need some more family-friendly holiday craft ideas, Karen-Thrifty Mommy has some cute Christmas Ornament Ideas to share.

Because it is the season north of the equator, Dawn shares a Snow Day with us all.

Super Saver shares Wealth Building- A Family Project with us.

Alexander Marlin offers up some great advice in 11 Tips to Get Anything You Want. Hint: you have to do some work!

Years ago, we discovered that our daughter, Zoë, had significant hearing loss. It proved to be temporary and treatable. Still it was a big shock to us especially when we realized her behavior and reaction to some things was because she could not hear low tones. Eric Ellen offers some great advice that all young parents should consider in How to Check Your Child’s Hearing in Two Easy Steps. I can’t stress enough how important early detection and intervention is to your child’s growth and development.

Dana is sharing a little bit of Toilet Talk and I have to say that I am just a little bit jealous while I am still trying to convince my Little Man that he can poop in the potty and live to tell the tale.

Meanwhile, this Dana, is sharing her view in Home Affects School. While some of her insight might give my daughter, a single mom (not by choice) pause, I want to assure her again that she and her baby will always be surrounded by a large family circus that will continue to nurture, love and support them both.

We still have some more Christmas craft ideas to share thanks to Stephanie in A Christmas Craft for Preschoolers.

Meanwhile, this Stephanie offers up some frugal ideas for the 2008 Holiday Season in Thinking About the Day After Christmas.

The Frugal Duchess shares the frugal creativity of her daughter in Looking for Sea Cows: My Daughter’s Frugal Play Date.

At last, but certainly not least, Awesome Mom shares the joys of enjoying the fruits of nature with her family in Preserving and Persevering.
This concludes this edition and my maiden hosting of the Carnival of Family Life. Thank you everyone for sharing so much family-minded wisdom, advice and encourgement with us all. Next week’s host will be JHS, the carnival’s awesome moderator, at Colloquium.


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  3. Wonderful carnival! I’m on “the road to granmotherhood” myself! Wasn’t it just yesterday that our children were babies?? Love the articles!
    Merry Christmas & Joyful Blessings!

  4. Laura, you have done a wonderful job hosting this week! Thank you for all the hard work you put into this endeavor!

    And thanks for sharing that wonderful story about your daughter. Happy birthday to Miss Holly Austa!! This is a fine time of year to be born!! (My birthday is this Friday!) 🙂

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  12. Outstanding photo. Must be a popular one. My wife did one JUST like it. I mean, the window right behind for the back light and the same positioning and everything. Now, 5 years later, we are really glad we did it. Even though it was expensive, I recommend it to any couple.

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