if it’s like a heat wave why am I freezing?

It’s not unusual for temps to soar into the triple digits this time of the year here in the Central Valley. Still most folks around here, myself included, like to bitch about how freakin’ hot it is. Never mind that we might have been complaining about how cold or gloomy it was just a couple weeks ago it is hot today, yesterday and this past week. It is freakin’ hot. Then why in the world am I freezing?

Because of the mother of the coming attraction that’s why. Like this lady she is melting in a big way thanks to the bun in her oven. I feel for her, really I do. But right now I am having a better understanding of how George Banks felt in Father of the Bride 2.

Where is one of those honest to goodness hot flashes I have been experiencing lately when I truly need it?


3 thoughts on “if it’s like a heat wave why am I freezing?

  1. Hahaha! I had the windows open in February when I was pregnant with my eldest son. My husband froze at night but I was happy.

  2. he he. maybe that’s why it seems that all the buildings are freezing in the summer everywhere we go…they’re all pregnant?

    DH & I were traveling in FL in OCTOBER! It was like 80 outside and like 60 inside everywhere. burr! We both agreed that we cannot ever move back there…it’s too cold.

  3. Hi Laura:

    Man, we are cooking here in sunny Northern California, aren’t we? I walked out of my office on Friday and mistook my car for an oven!! Sheesh! The thermometer on my dashboard said 105 and it was only May 15th! Right now it is 9:30 p.m. and still 80 degrees outside. I don’t even want to see the electricity bill . . . Thank God I got to hang out by the pool for awhile today!

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