25 things to do in St Louis

According to the St Louis Visitors’ Information site there are at least 25 things to do in and around St Louis. Actually these are just a few must see things to do in St Louis to get one started.

Bill and I are off to St Louis for a travel convention where we get to wear these nifty lanyards. I’m hoping to try to check off some of those things to do without the lanyard because frankly, I am not a lanyard wearing kind of girl.

Rumor has it that St Louis is one of the cities being considered for the location of BlogHer ’09. I guess I’ll have to give y’all a full report.


5 thoughts on “25 things to do in St Louis

  1. The City Museum in St. Louis is amazing. It’s not just for little kids, oh no — they let big kids crawl and play and slide as well. I can spend a full day there and never get bored. Going there to attend BlogHer would be the icing on the cake.

  2. I just drove through St. Louis on my Trek Across the Country and we went up into the Arch, to the veryvery top itself.

    Here’s a warning…

    I’m not usually afraid of heights nor of enclosed spaces, but I nearly had a panic attack at the very top. The ride up is in this little pod that I (and I’m 5’7″) hit my head on the ceiling on and then looking down, straight down with absolutely nothing underneath me scared me so much.

    That being said, it was an absolutely amazing experience. The view from the top is really spectacular and the museum they have down below isn’t too shabby, either.

    Have fun!!

  3. Hey Laura,
    I found your web site while looking for something else. We worked together in the NICU at Good Sam. I still read the x-mas cards you send to work but loved seeing current photos of the kids and grandbaby. Love your blogging-everything is so true!!

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