daily Hazel #63

Just watching Hazel watch the light show on one of her toys. Fascinating, really.


One thought on “daily Hazel #63

  1. Confession time: After 4 kids (18, 16, 14 & 8). I was done with babies. I was “babied” out. Even in a restaurant I find myself avoiding people with little kids now. I am ashamed to admit that because my kids were not perfect in a restaurant at all and we were that noisy family. Anyway, I see these pictures of little Hazel Faye and all that goes right out the window. That baby is so cute!!!!! For the first time since Mark was a baby, I want to hold a baby (as long as it’s not mine). She is so precious. I would get absolutely nothing done if I had her around me. Enjoy that bonding time. It goes so fast.

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