HFH: my own bucket list

Hot for the Holidays This week’s HFH question, Christie asks, “What is on your life’s to-do list?

Oh my!

A bucket list? I haven’t thought too much about it…except when I saw the movie, The Bucket List but then I got distracted with the usual getting up in the morning-coffee-breakfast-get dressed-get the littlest kid dressed-get the bigger kids out of bed, dammit- getting the kids off to school-taking care of he sweet grandgirl-housework-laundry-more laundry-more chores, errands, more errands and so on andt so on. You get it, don’t you? Just the day to day living and getting it done it is easy to not really think of what else do I want to get done? Somedays I am just glad I got most of it done, you know?

I guess that is just me feeling overwhelmed trying to think of a life’s to-do list that I want to check it off. Perhaps that is where the lesson to be learned from this week’s question is.

It is so easy to get caught up in the day to day busyness that is life. We are all busy people no matter what it is we do. Sometimes we get so busy we don’t think about anything else but just getting everything done. We forget to be kind. We lose track of time to just be still. We push aside the need to take better care of ourselves because we are thinking, “Not now. I have too much to get done. I will do those other things that I should/must do for myself when I get around to it.” I say that all the time..”when I get around to it”. I remember years ago when my father in law presented me a little gift. It was a wooden round coin-like object stamped with the words “round to-it”. He smiled at me the way he used to when he was amused with his own wry sense of humor and chuckled, “Now you have a round to-it so you can do it!”

Thinking about this week’s question I realize that I did get a round to-it so I really have no excuses, do I? In spite of all the things I juggle all the time, I do need to take the time to be kind, to be still, to be more reflective, to pray more, to slow down even more and to take better care of myself. I have no excuses, really. So, like “WT” said to me years ago, I should just do it.

So what is my bucket list?

I’m working on it, relax already!

I do have #1 right here

Isn’t that amazing? This is one of the many breath-taking views from the ruins of the Scarborough Castle.

I will go here to the land of my children’s ancestors and visit the town and the castle which bear our family’s name.

A little time to myself and I shall add to my own bucket list, and no, it won’t involve a can of chock full o’ nuts.


6 thoughts on “HFH: my own bucket list

  1. Very good post – thanks! I needed to be reminded that being kind & taking care of myself are 2 great to-dos. I need to remember these things. Thank you!

  2. I really enjoyed that movie. My hubby was gone this week, so I didn’t get around to answering the question. I really should take some time and go make my own list.

  3. My Dad has that exact little wooden ’round to it’. I should borrow it and maybe I’ll make a dent in my house!

  4. what a sweet post! yes, in writing my own list i forgot the simpler things like SLOWING DOWN. and what a beautiful picture! that’s a great start!

  5. DITTO! How funny how my post conjured up your post (similar topic). I really need to watch “The Bucket List” now. It doesn’t hurt to remind ourselves to just pause once in awhile….that’s the difference between life just happening to us and actually living life.

    Cheers to accomplishing your list for 2009!

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