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I am thinking that I really need to share more often some of my favorite reads and finds.

I also need to share more about this circus clown who insists I never do…of course it’s hard to nail her down what with all the cheerleader-y things she is doing right now here in our high school football crazy town. Plus she only wants me to snap pictures of her when she looks her absolute best and that takes all the fun out of it for me.

Obviously this wasn’t her looking her absolute best as she was standing outside my car thinking I am nutso for taking her picture in front of Walmart of all places; but she still is my beautiful darling daughter #3

Here’s some of my favorites this week:

It’s amazing how much comes from one blogger’s notice.

and how that one blogger inspires others to remember.

Everyone needs to commit these definitions to memory.

At last! Shapewear that flatters, doesn’t take my breath away or bring on hot flashes…as if I needed MORE hot flashes.

My friend, Diane, gets the creepy Google image search award this week.

I sampled this for the first time this week and I’m thinking, WOW, this should be my fragrance. Does this mean that I, a mother of five and grandmom of one, have finally grown up?

I’m thinking that I made the right choice when I didn’t choose this job.

Of course it isn’t funny that we are watching our life savings disappearing right before our very eyes and all the other crap that comes with it but it sure does feel good to laugh and belly-watch.

If you live near Sacramento, check out this photographer. I wish I didn’t have to work tonight because I would have won the contest she was hosting.

Speaking of Sacramento, I can’t wait for this. Hubs surprised me with tickets today.

I know too well what this mommy is going through with her child. I guess it makes it all the more personal for me because I watched this mommy grow up.

Before our very eyes, the birth of a vineyard.

and how quickly our babies grow.


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  1. Yeah, I made your list! 🙂 It was really fun reading through these links. I love Hollie’s letter to Hazel, and the other touching links too.

  2. I loved your links – lots of great stuff to read. My daughter won’t let me take pictures of her for my blog at all, whether she’s looking absolutely perfect or not …

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