for my adorable blog stalker couple

Last Saturday night was the Sadie’s dance for my circus clowns’ high school. Being the mom who so wants to live vicariously through her high school aged daughters because I never got to attend the school dances because my parents were crazy and my boyfriend, the preacher’s kid was lame, I insisted that Abigael, and her date, Jon let me take some pre-dance pictures. Abby, being a typical teen-aged daughter who thinks her parents are weird questioned why I would subject them to this but finally agreed. The fact that I pulled the “because I’m The Great and Powerful Mom, that’s why!” card might have influenced her decision. Of course, being my wonderful daughter, she, and her date, made it oh so easy to get some cute pre-dance pictures of the cute couple…no, not really.

This is Abby and Jon we’re talking about people!

Sure they are cute. But really, don’t let yourself be deceived. They might willingly pose in a cute couple sort of way for the school newspaper and yearbook, like they did last February, but pose in a cute way for Mommy~Dearest?


Still, this afternoon, my darling daughter #3 insisted that I post the pre-Sadie’s pictures on my blog so she can copy them onto her MySpace and share them with all her friends, including, Jon. So for my favorite blog stalking couple I give you Abby and Jon.

“Look into each other’s eyes. Pretend you like each other (which you do).”, I tell them.

And this is what they gave me.

“Okay, then stand together and look into one another’s eyes. Remember, you guys like each other.”


“How about you pose like you will for the cheesy dance picture.”

“Uh, okay. But can we try one more time because you blinked, Jon.”

And with this shot it was clear that my time is up.

“Fine. Just go to the dance then. Make good choices and have a good time kids. Love you!”

I do have to say that even when they can’t give me a little photographic love, they are still an adorably cute and sweet couple…and that, my friends, is why I didn’t kill them.

Love you, Abby and Jon!


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