weekend linkage

He’s hooking us up to a great idea.

Babywearing goodness all around.

Never again.

At Last! The mystery of the ages has been solved.

A biblical parable playing out in 2008.

It’s National Adoption Day!

In my neck of the woods there are galleries that display extraordinary portraits of children waiting for their home, their families. These are often children that are typically passed over by families considering adoption because they are older or disabled; “unadoptable” children is what our son’s social worker called children like these. Regardless of age or ability, these children NEED FAMILIES! The galleries also display beautiful family portraits of families and children who have found their “happily ever after”. Check out The Heart Gallery of Sacramento and The Bay Area Heart Gallery. Oh, and for the good, righteous, hetero, MARRIED people of the state of Arkansas who voted to change adoption laws in their state in order to protect the children againsta a perceived agenda  here’s your chance to walk your talk and meet the needs of the children in your state who desperately are waiting for a home, Heart Gallery of Arkansas. More than ever, these children need families!

What not to yell over an intercom.

Of course I know what they say about full moons…I catch babies. Good luck Fat Doctor, family and baby mama!


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