100 days

For the last week everyday, Daniel has quietly announced the number of days until the 100th day of school which is a big-fat-hairy-deal when you are a first grader. Seven, six, five more days, four, three, two and then one more day to go, until yesterday when, at last, we had reached the 100th day of school.


Put on the “100 days” party hats and 100 froot loops leis. It is time to party!

We’re 100 days older and it shows. Notice the teeth, or lack thereof. 100 days later and eight teeth later, the tooth fairy is seriously needing a government bailout.

And, as his “100 days” party hat proclaims, we are 100 days smarter. As I watched him and his Daddy do his homework for the 100th day  of school, I would have to agree that my boy is 100 days smarter.


One thought on “100 days

  1. I think ‘100 Day’ celebrations are great. I love Daniel’s little hat. Did he get to eat the Froot Loops?

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