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I wasn’t sure that I would live to see this day. Jillian and her evil bitches, Natalie and Anita seemed hell-bent on killing me during this last week of shredding. Ugh! My knees feel more than their 47 years and they sound like it too as they creak and crack with practically every step I take. But overall I do feel great all around. I stand a little taller and slimmer as I feel my much stronger core holding me up and in. Others have noticed it too as coworkers have noticed a slightly thinner me under those baggy surgical scrubs of mine.

I have survived and completed Jillian’s 30 Day Shred! Actually I have done more than survive and the proof is in the obvious physical changes in how I stand, how I walk, in my energy level and how my clothes fit me. I am thrilled for the obvious inches lost despite the stalled number on the scale. There can be a number of reasons for that but I won’t let it discourage me because I feel inspired to keep on the program I have laid out before me. Signing on with the Shredheads has held me accountable and these past 30+ days has helped to make this a happy, healthy habit. But don’t just take my word for it. Check out the before and after pictures for yourself to see what being one of Jillian’s bitches has done for me.

March 4

March 31

Like I said, Jillian’s shred helped to jump start my fitness and weight loss goals but I am thinking that I need to change things up a bit so I am joining Kristen and a few other Shredheads in jumping over to Bob’s team for the month of April. What can I say, I am a sucker for a sweet smile and a soft Southern drawl (just ask Bill). I also think that my knees will benefit from stopping the high impact type programs. But don’t worry about Jillian. Some Shredheads are still going to follow her. That’s right, it is a competition between Team Jillian and Team Bob. My plan will be switching out Jillian’s 30 Day Shred for Bob’s Weight Loss Yoga dvd 5 days a week along with 30 min cardio 5-6 days a week and 30 minutes weight training 3 days a week. The dvd  has various levels one can mix and match to create their own individual 20-45 minute workout that focuses on calorie burning and strength and stamina building. My personal goal for the end of April is to see those svelte-fitting size 12 jeans of mine to be baggy and loose and to see the scale down to 160 pounds. Again I am pretty confident I will see results especially because I have the Shredheads to keep me accountable.

Meanwhile, I am celebrating this month’s success with a little bit of TLC treats for me: new cross trainers, new sports bra to keep the girls in their place (thanks for all the recommendations) and getting my teeth whitened…perhaps then it will be my smile that blinds folks rather than my pasty white body. Want to be one of Bob’s babes or Jillian’s bitches? Be sure to check in with Kristen and check out her AMAZING results this month she is HOT!


8 thoughts on “completion and continuation

  1. Sure, you’re just doing the same old trick as all those phoney weight loss product ads. In your before picture, you’re frowning. In your after picture, you’re smiling. In your before picture you’re wearing no make-up, and your hair isn’t done up. In your after picture you have some lipstick on and a new hair-do. It makes us think you’re slimmer. Well known psychological effect. I think this is the longest lead-up to an April fools joke I’ve ever seen, but I’m too smart for you. Nope, can’t put one over on ol’ Paul.

  2. you caught me, Paul!
    actually the after pic was taken after i had just rolled out of bed and right before i exercised. i was smiling because i had just brushed my teeth and had that oh-so fresh feeling.
    the rest of it is air brushed like crazy…right down to the dirt spots on the bathroom mirror.

  3. Well done! I have been lurking along, following you but when I tried the 30 day Shred in February it about near killed me. So I went on with my walking DVDs and started twice weekly aerobics classes. I got up the courage to start the shred for April so I’ve joined the “opposition”!

    Started last night and have very slightly tender thigh muscles but nothing else, so I am definitely fitter than two months ago! I probably didn’t do it properly (did have to modify and skip bits) yesterday so I am fully expecting pain in the next few days!

    I think you look great and if I can achieve similar change in the next month I will be more than happy. (And shall want to continue onto something else – motivating, isn’t it?!)

  4. I lurk here, tho we’ve exchanged pleasantries a few times… I just wanted to say thanks for journaling your progress! I’m inspired and plan to order the video today. 🙂 Thanks!! You look great!!!

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