brace yourself, it’s happening again!

Three years ago a phenomenom as freaky-weird as the planets aligning with the sun took place here under the Big Top and, as foretold before here on this blog, it is happening again.

OMG! We have THREE TEENAGERS living in this house!!!

That’s right people, my baby, my love, my heart, my joy…my youngest daughter, the fourth one, Jodie Grace Wynonna is THIRTEEN years old tomorrow.

The last time this happened, it only lasted a month here under the Big Top. We survived and, I hope, we are better people for it. This time this wonder of the drama-trauma of life with three teenagers living in the house will last until February 26, 2012. …hold me, please!

Happy, happy birthday to the newest teen-aged clown, Jodie Gracious.

I love you with all my hearts,



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