things to tell the great grandkids when 90 years of age

Someday when she is ninety years old she will regale the grandkids and the great-grandkids and maybe the great-great grandkids with tales of how she swam in the Mediterranean Sea in her underwear because she forgot her swimsuit.

What? You thought I was going to share a picture of that? Please! What kind of bad mama do you think I am? Oh yeah…

the kind that someday when she is ninety will tell her great grandkids and maybe great-great grandkids how she used to have this crazy old-fashioned thing called a blog on the Internet and she made lots of friends whom she didn’t always meet face to face but who got together with her and decided to show off their BEWBS.Crazy, I know. But their crazy great grandmother was already a grandmother when she shared a picture of her “girls”…in a tasteful way…on the interwebs all to celebrate motherhood, womanhood and what God has given us as mothers and women… an amazing rack to render our mates speechless and to provide for our babies. Of course the great grandkids will roll their eyes, sneak a glance at their parents as if to say, “I can’t believe you brought me here to my crazy great grandma’s house!” and then oh so innocently ask me, “GG, what is the internet?”

Vote for #4, the only grandmother and actually who just might, with your help, have a chance to win. As I write this, I am actually in 3rd place. Crazy, I know. Still the “girls” are vote-worthy. Vote now! Vote for #4!


2 thoughts on “things to tell the great grandkids when 90 years of age

  1. That brings up a behavior that I’ve never understood about our society.

    Why is it that a woman can wear a skimpy bikini on the beach, pool or swim club but if she wandered in there in a bra and panties there would be a public uproar?

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