do (the) run, run, run do do (the) run, run, run

As I have progressed beyond the 30-day shred I am returning to running again. I declared recently my intention to celebrate my birthday next year wearing a tiara and running a half marathon…how else should one celebrate their 48th birthday? It’s been about ten years since I ran other than chasing after some random child or grandchild and although I have been shredding and working out regularly since March, I knew I needed to ease into any kind of running program so I began the Couch to 5K program this past June with pretty decent success…at least I have not died. Rather I have been thrilled with what a jogging/walking program has done for me overall. But I soon realized, like two weeks into this walking-to-jogging-to-running program that what I did need was a decent pair of running shoes..

So off toyour run of the mill sports shoes and apparel store in the mall did I go. I bought some really good shoes. However I have to say that my salesperson, wearing his skater shoes, was far more interested in hanging out and talking to his buddies hanging back at the mall entrance while he dealt with me, the customer. The kid really knew nothing about running shoes and clearly did not seem to think my explaining how much I run every week, what I was training for and offering how I wear down the heels of most of my shoes. He shrugged and brought out several pricey, but different pairs of running shoes. I settled on the brand I prefer and the model that seemed to feel the most comfortable as I walked around the two benches in the tiny little shoe store. Sorry Lady Foot Locker, but as I increased my running times and distances over this last month it was clear that Skatr Boi did not do right by me. It’s not his fault, really. He’s a skater. I doubt he runs much in those slouch pants and skater shoes. Why should he if he has a skateboard, right?

But regardless of Lady Foot Locker’s Skatr Boi’s inability to find and fit me with the right running shoe, I have been hurting and hurting bad. This is not good since I am only running 3-4 miles 3 days out of the week. As hobbled as I have felt immediately after my runs I was likely to die trying to continue to train. So I did what I do best. I loaded up on some naprosyn and whined, bitched and moaned to my Shredhead friends. Of course Bill, Shredhead-Wan-Kenobi sagely reminded me of how he and Kristen both got fitted properly with the right running shoe for them individually. Perhaps, he offered, I should do the same.

Of course I should. Yes, Bill, you are right…this time! Gloat all you want…this time!

A local tweep and new friend of mine, who just so happens to be in training with Team in Training for the Rock and Roll Marathon, followed my plight on twitter and offered her recommendations for where to find the right running shoe here in Central Valley Cali. Get thee to Fleet Feet Stockton, she recommended and so I did because I do sometimes do what I am told to do.


The folks at Fleet Feet were indeed amazing measuring my feet carefully, observing me standing and walking barefoot as well as watching me run and evaluating how my feet land and my stride. Based on their assessments, I tried on 5 or 6 pairs of shoes running in each pair. I finally narrowed it down to the right shoe for my feet. Not for your feet, for my feet. The right shoes for my feet when my feet are running.

I have to say that it was worth the time (about an hour and a half), the effort, the money spent (which was no more than what I spent 2 months ago on those shoes I bought from Skatr Boi in the mall. The proof was in my recent runs how I felt while running and where I did not come home limping like a hobbled horse after the run or worse the morning after. I’m looking forward to continuing running and training for the Tiarathon as well as this 5K, that 5K and any other 5K or (gulp!) 10K that might pop up along the way locally from here until March and my birthday Tiarathon. I’ve got the motivation, I’ve got the time, I’ve got the peeps to encourage me, educate me and prod me along and I now, at last have the shoes and the place to get them replaced as needed. Time to run!


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  1. There is a 10K in Antioch in December if you are interested. The info isn’t available yet, but I’ll let you know when it is. My Shredhead buddy (who is in Fairfield) might make it, too – so perhaps we can get a bunch of local Shredheads together for it? (There is also a one mile and a 5K in addition to the 10K.)

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