because I DO care enough to send the very best

Excuse me! Can you help me find a special card; a card that say “I’m sorry that your oldest sister is such a loser to miss and forget the biggest moment of your life as you graduate summa cum laude from Seattle Pacific University”?

Do you think I’ll find one here?

I have a pretty good excuse. Really, I think I do. But then I forgot the fact that the commencement came and went during the time that I had a pretty good excuse. And maybe people are getting pretty sick and tired of me playing the I-contracted-meningococcal-meningitis-from-my-13y/o-daughter-who-almost-died-from-it card. I’m thinking that folks are over that lame excuse of mine. So here I am trying to find the perfect card to express to my baby sister just how sorry I am. Oh, and how proud of my baby sister for being so amazingly, awesome and graduating with distinction. Hopefully she’ll forgive me and remember me with kindness when she rules the world. Trust me, she will someday. Watch out Bill Gates!