Heather Armstrong isn’t the only one

…to get invited to Washington D.C. nor to have the opportunity to rock the White House in amazing purple tights paired with awesome platform shoes  like these.

Okay, Heather’s were designer shoes and these, obviously, are not. But as an eighteen year old girl counting down the last eight weeks before graduation from high school with a part time job, Zoë can’t afford Michael Kors. No, her budget is more suited for Forever 21. But she will be rocking the White House and like Heather, she is likely the only one dressed so colorfully.

Last Fall, Zoë received a nomination from some of her teachers to attend the National Young Leaders Conference. The National Young Leaders Conference (NYLC) takes place in the nation’s capital and is designed to motivate and inspire top high school students from across the United States. NYLC offers young people an opportunity to discuss current issues with the men and women who shape our policies and laws. NYLC challenges participants to assess problems, contribute to group discussions and take on roles in educational simulations. Through these hands-on experiences, students develop important leadership skills by learning to evaluate critical information, form and advocate positions and make decisions. Oh, and, they have been invited to the White House. Meeting the President is cool but my daughter is more hopeful that she will get to play with Bo. With Zoë just beginning what will no doubt be a truly great adventure in adult life how could we not find a way for her to have this opportunity? I mean not every kid in America gets to play with the First Dog. Seriously, for a kid like our Zoë, this program that NYLC offers is truly a great opportunity.

So early this morning, VERY early this morning, I dropped her off at the airport to jet off to Washington D.C. It took everything in me not to stalk her with my camera as she checked her bags and headed through security. I reigned myself in telling myself that this little girl of mine was actually an adult now…a world-traveled adult. The last thing she needed was a helicopter parent hovering.

Yeah, I’m saving myself for when we drop her off to college for the very first time in a few months. Oh. Em. Gee. She is going away to college!

But even though I did show just a little self restraint at the airport I am still hovering just a little.


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  1. I LOVE that they sent you a notification that she had arrived. Totally saves you from having to be *that* parent who calls and texts endlessly. Wooo! I hope she has a fantastic time!

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