how does that saying go again? April showers bring…

May showers, right? Well it would seem to be that way here in my neck of the woods.

There is pretty much every year a random blustery, rainy day or two stuck somewhere in May and even June here in Northern California but every year we all seem to forget that truth. Which is probably why so many pick this time of the year to finally get that old shake roof fixed. My roof is tile on a fairly new house so I am pretty sure that we’re okay.

So a gloomy, windy and wet Mother’s Day it was for me. A perfect day to sleep for Vampira the Night shift nurse and since I worked the night before, sleep I did. Just like a newborn baby. Others’ Mother’s Day plans of walks and picnics in the park or boating on the Delta or trips to amusement parks might have been soaked but my plan to sleep and then relax while my circus act spoiled me…deservedly so…were perfectly in place. Plus I had the added bonus of looking out my kitchen window and still seeing the delightful spring color that May flowers bring.

Thank you, Daniel Quinn! Mommy just LOVES her pretty, pretty May flowers.

What raindrops on my window?

In May?


Here in northern California?

You have got to be kidding.