laps: non-swimmer’s style

Hard to believe that I haven’t whined blogged lately about my hip.

It’s been busy around here lately. Of course that hasn’t stopped me from whining amongst my family and friends here under the Big Top. I imagine everyone is tired of my whining and bitching and moaning…and yet I still talk about my hip.

The good news is, according to the MRI last week, that the stress fracture is healing. The MRI also revealed no signs of osteoporosis or joint deformity. I have been a pretty good little patient. Not a patient patient, but I have followed doctor’s orders as best as I could…when was the last time you spent the day caring for a twenty-three month old while you are on crutches? Yeah, I thought so. But the fracture is healing and I am beginning the next phase. Time for physical therapy!

Working with my physical therapist I have discovered that the injury was more than the stress fracture. I also pulled my groin which is why I still have limited range of motion and pain. So now she and I are working on loosening up very tight hip flexors and a tender groin and building up the gluteal muscles because apparently they aren’t maximus-ed enough. It’s all part of the healing and recovery process she tells me. So I stretch and lunge and squat and stretch and stretch and stretch some more.

Both the doctor and the physical therapist tell me there is to be no running as long as there is pain with walking. But I can swim. Sure I can. Even though I am for all intents and purposes a non-swimmer. Who do you think rocked the shallow end of the pool during swimming in PE at West Allegheny High School back in the day?What 18 year old high school senior could barely swim the width of the pool in PE?

It was me.

Why do you think I insisted that all my circus clowns be proficient in swimming? Well, someone has to save the juggling mom. One of those clowns better save their drowning mother juggler.

But according to the experts, this is the best kind of exercise that I can do and there is a lap pool at the gym that I belong to. So there I am, three days a week, with my kickboard swimming laps in my own special way. How good am I? Well in the lane next to me is a senior citizen who swims like Michael Phelps if Michael Phelps were a 70+ year old man who swam laps everyday. For every two to three laps he swims, I manage one with my little Nemo kickboard. I am that awesome!

But I am doing it. I am healing.


5 thoughts on “laps: non-swimmer’s style

  1. Pulled groin muscles are horrible. They take forever to fully heal. Go slow with the physio. Like the tortoise…slow and steady win the race.

    • LOL. Thanks Paul. I am for sure slow and steady. This is one injury that I can’t seem togrit my teeth and push through so I’m taking it easy.

  2. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming….

    I am a non-swimmer also who is making sure all five kiddos are fish!

    • now I have Dori’s voice singing in my head. Thanks for the smile, Cheryl.

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