so this one time before cheer camp…

At the mandatory Cheer Parent Cheer Camp Meeting, I am keeping my status as the PTA Mom/Dance Mom/Cheer Mom Reject secure…Thank goodness!

The coach begins to go over all the important details and logistics of cheer camp and what we the parents are expected to do and…I can’t understand a word she says. She may be a grown woman but she speaks like…well, like an excited teen-aged girl.



What did you say?

She continues on sharing all the drama and stress she has been through getting the squad ready for camp and the season as well as getting all the uniform orders ready all the while recovering from a pneumothorax and well, I find myself genuinely worried for her. She is so stressed right now I honestly fear that she just might blow another pneumo right here and now and since I am the only cheer parent who is medically trained, I will have to come to her aid…great!.

Deep, slow breaths coach! Relax! Please relax!

Too late!

The cheer parents, the “good” cheer parents are feeding off of it. One cheer mom offers her great idea to solve the problem of polka dot lettering that doesn’t match the zebra stripe knee highs for spirit night at cheer camp…yes, it is that serious this STRAMA.


Yes, strama. Just like Sarah Palin, I can be Shakespeare too.

But freshman cheer mom thinks she can solve this serious problem. She has zebra print materail…of course she does. She is certain that she has enough for the entire squad: the freshmen, the junior varsity and the varsity squad.

Oh happy day!

Freshman cheer mom and her mom will cut out the letters and hand stitch them on the t-shirts for the freshmen squad

What a good cheer mom she is!

As for the rest of the squad, well their moms can hand stitch the letters on for their kids spirit uniforms because we all can, hand stitch that is, and have nothing but time to do just that before the kids leave for cheer camp.

Yeah. Of course. I have nothing but time to hand stitch zebra print letters on to a t-shirt representing the Timberwolves Cheer Squad because I am all over hand stitching. I live for hand stitching. Especially when it comes to hand stitching zebra print lettering on a uniform that represnts Timberwolves because Timberwolves are known for their unique zebra print markings.

Um, yeah. Sure.

See? Cheer mom reject status is secure.

Fortunately the coach rejected Freshman cheer mom’s idea because, well, there just isn’t enough time and she has already strama’d enough over this cheer-tragedy.

Thank goodness because it is time to head off to cheer camp. Have fun, Abby! I may not be the best cheer mom but I am proud of YOU and hope that you have a blast!

To your varsity team mates, you are welcome for the entertainment that my expressive facials gave you during the meeting. I will be here all season for you! Good luck kids! You all are great!


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  1. Oh, the illustrations have me laughing on the floor. And yet, as a former dancer and a current gym mom, I know that it is SO TRUE. My old dance teacher is STILL mad at me for accidentally wearing the wrong hairstyle during one of our dances.

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