but doesn’t everyone run in New York City wearing a tutu?

I thought they did.

I SAW people running through the streets wearing tutus, and sparkles and tiaras.

I saw tutu-wearing runners, joggers and walkers in Central Park.

They were everywhere! So why wouldn’t I think that it is normal to go for a 5K run in New York City wearing a tutu? Everyone else was doing it. I put on a pretty, green, sparkle tutu, bared my blinding white legs…which actually blend in very well in New York City as many folks don’t have a tan…and I jogged with some pretty awesome tutu-clad people.

We were so awesome we jogged 5 miles rather than just 5K because we are hard-core that way. No, it had nothing to do with getting lost in Central Park or detouring to find a bathroom. We jogged 5 miles because we wanted to! We also did it because it was so amazing to be a part of something so big, so much bigger than all of us…but us, wearing tutus and running and jogging and walking.


4 thoughts on “but doesn’t everyone run in New York City wearing a tutu?

  1. I am positive that I made some poor tourists idea of what NYC should be. I was all alone though, so I really stuck out. The best part was the hipsters laughing and mocking me when I got close to the hotel.

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