not fair

It’s not fair that I returned home from an amazing Perinatal care conference in Monterey where the weather was GORGEOUS with blue skies, blue ocean, incredible surf and mild temps to damp, grey and foggy Central Valley. It’s not fair that although I came home Friday evening, I haven’t had the time to sit down and write out so many thoughts that I know you want to know because I am shallow enough to imagine that you all care to know. Of course you all care. It’s just rather self-centered of me to constantly think about that. Still, I have so much to say but commitments, family, work and sleep are getting in the way.


The nerve!

It’s not fair that I am dealing with a stye that hurts and itches and promises that it has only just begun. No, it isn’t quite the epic proportion of Heather’s Stye Stallone, but my Stye McFly is a red, itchy, hurting kind of mess that makes me look like I have been punched in the eye. I look so much better with eye makeup on rather than this pale washed out, just-punched look that I am sporting.

And it’s absolutely, positively, completely not fair when one is beat up continually during a 12 hour shift by her patient who is no bigger than her hand. It’s not fair at all. I mean, people are only going to judge you harshly if you hit back. I imagine that I heard whispers of “bully” when I grumbled out loud the brief, bitter imagination of returning the blows.

Yeah, it’s not fair… not fair at all.

For the record, if Stye McFly looks any worse after a some sleep I am totally blaming it on the patient….

the patient punched me…

yeah, that sounds believable.