a two hour tour, a two hour tour

I’ve said it before. I’ll say it again. I LOVE long car rides with my individual circus clowns. One on one bonding time while trapped in Mom’s car…what’s not to love? It’s a time where the most personal thoughts, shiniest dreams, darkest fears and silliest jokes are shared. It’s easy to open up when Mom has her hands on the steering wheel and is paying attention to the open road. Some of the absolute best conversations shared with my individual children are those shared when we are together in the car.

Once I wrestle away the iPods, the cell phones and the Nintendo games…or once boredom wins, and it does win, the conversations commence.

Today we talked about so many things. It’s amazing the topics that can be covered and the things one can learn while driving in the car for two hours to Children’s Hospital Central California and then two hours more back to the Big Top.

There’s Abraham Lincoln and how awesome he is, er, was that we celebrate his birthday by having no school tomorrow. Currently he is Daniel’s favorite President because of the day off. He’s also pretty cool because he was a 6 feet 4 inches tall so Daniel tells me. He was like a giant. A giant like Hazel’s Baby Daddy who is actually taller than Abe. Baby Daddy is a giant and kind of resembles Abe…if he were a weird looking hipster.

And how about sea salt? Isn’t sea salt amazing? Daniel is certain that sea salt is the best salt around. He imagines that his lunch from In-n-Out Burger that he is eating while we travel would be even better if he had some sea salt. It’s a good thing that I prefer to use sea salt as seasoning in my cooking because Daniel observes that only the best cooks use sea salt.

We see orange groves along the way. Oranges grow on trees! Here in California! That is so amazing! Then begins the back and forth debate over why we should not just pull over and pick some oranges…even if there is at least a million oranges in our view.

From there we segue into why saying “OH MY GOD!” all the time is kind of annoying and tiresome…even for God. We both resolve to try not to say that phrase all the time. I have no doubt my boy will be holding me accountable. His evil cackle tells me that he can’t wait for me to slip. I’m sure that he won’t have long to wait.

Then we see POPPIES along the freeeway. California poppies. They are everywhere!

OMG, they are so beautiful!

Yes, Daniel calls me on that slip.

We arrive at Children’s about twenty minutes early because traffic was light…no, really, it was! Daniel is shocked that I would know that he needs to go to the bathroom…after a two hour car ride while drinking 8 ounces of raspberry lemonade. Yes, I am that amazing. I assure him that thanks to his sisters, I have done this before, this mom-gig of mine. Still, I am pretty awesome, for a mom. I allow him to admire me for awhile.

We see his endocrinologist and her hot, young nurse practitioner. She’s hot, declares Daniel. Of course she is. She is in her 20s with long, glossy, black hair and dark eyes. The doctor, she is old. She is the old doctor who is still awkwardly concerned about the size of her patient’s balls…she is, after all, an endocrinologist…all about hormones you know. And she is old…the old doctor…until I point out to Daniel that she is the same age as me. The nurse practitioner is amused. So is Daniel.

Oh. Em Gee.

Now how is it that HE hasn’t slipped up since we made this pact?

All kidding aside, it is a good visit. Since his visit six months ago, Daniel has gained 4 pounds and has grown 3 inches.


Yes, he called me on that one too. But the boy is growing. He’s still not even close to the normal growth curve of 9 year old boys but he still continues to make his own growth curve. His random labs drawn over the last six months continue to show his growth hormone levels to be normal. Yes, on the low end of normal but still he had a growth spurt over the last six months. I’m pleased. The “old doctor lady” is pleased. The pretty, young nurse practitioner is charmed.  I think she might be swooning a little as he flashes his dimpled smile. So for now we just continue to watch, wait and see what happens six months from now. Human Growth Hormone therapy is his for the taking. The “old doctor lady” still is certain he will benefit, at the very least growing to reach the 5%ile of his peers on the growth chart. But she also maintains it is up to us. So we watch, wait and see for now. The boy is pleased because that means no shots for him. How he figured out this treatment involves daily shots I’ll never know; but he does know and he is not on board. So yes, we’re watching, waiting and seeing.

Back on the road there is much more to discuss…chicken farms and why they even exist, George Washington having a birthday too which means no school  again in ten more days. He is so cool! Even cooler, the dude is on the dollar bill in Daniel’s wallet. He needs more of those, dollar bills that is. And the conversation goes on and on until we finally arrive safe and sound, exhausted and hungry back to the Big Top.

I LOVE long car rides with my clowns!


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  1. I’ve had the same experience–that having mom with her attention sort of on the road seems to free up the kids to talk about all kinds of things, even when they are teenagers. And mine always had enough sense not to tell me anything too shocking while I was trying to navigate a freeway exit.

  2. I think it’s so great that you use your “car time” to bond with your children. Like you said . . . you have a captive audience! LOL!

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